“I have nothing left… Maybe they saw my card when I was paying at Aldi” (photo)

Every day, François Vissers, 89, works as a courier to supplement his small pension and be able to make ends meet. But a heinous act caused him to lose all his savings. It was a fake bank employee who scammed the Belgian on Friday. “My hard-earned money. It all started suddenly,” sadly testifies François. “When … Read more

Bacteria found in ready-to-eat salads: recall campaign at Aldi life & knowledge

Aldi is recalling two ready-to-eat salads because of germs that can trigger flu-like symptoms. It is about products from the company Gartenfrisch Jung. The food manufacturer explained that the ready-to-eat salads could contain substances that are hazardous to health. In tests on the products “Snack Time Salad Cup Cheese & Ham 300g” and “Snack Time … Read more

Aldi Nord: New opening hours – branches will close earlier next week

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“Unfortunately our store will be closing for customers”

Published on Saturday, September 10, 2022 at 7:38 p.m. Par Sudinfo Customers will not have had time to get used to the supermarket that it is already closing its doors. Express lifetime for the Mere store in Opwijk. Only three after its chaotic opening, due in particular to the war in Ukraine, the Russian brand … Read more

Rewe renounces: is the supermarket brochure now dying out? | money

Almost 28 billion paper brochures end up in German mailboxes every year – annoying for some, for others a beloved routine to discover THE bargain of the week. Retail giant Rewe puts an end to this! From July 1, 2023 there will no longer be a classic paper brochure, the company announced – from August … Read more

In the first branch in the Netherlands: ALDI abolishes cashiers! | life & knowledge

Heard the queuing in the supermarket soon to be a thing of the past? In Utrecht (Netherlands) discounter giant Aldi Nord opens a high-tech branch. The peculiarity: Boxes or cashiers you won’t find here. The payment also runs completely in the background. BILD explains how the new system works – and whether the new supermarket … Read more