babesiosis has unfold in Latvia; 45% of pets die

Veterinarians are sounding the alarm – if the proprietor cares about his well being and has taken care of well timed safety from tick-borne illnesses, then he usually forgets about his pet, and when the inevitable occurs, he scolds himself, however it’s not attainable to assist. “360TV ZIŅneši” listened to the unhappy tales of canine … Read more

A few of the oldest stars within the Universe have been discovered not removed from Earth

Based on the researchers, these oldest stars ever found “are a part of our cosmic household tree.” Their research can provide astronomers new information in regards to the improvement of the Universe and our galaxy instantly after the Massive Bang. MIT physics professor Anna Froebel has devoted her profession to gathering and processing information from … Read more A planet much like Earth has been found: it revolves round a particular star

In keeping with a research printed within the journal Nature Astronomy, scientists have found a rocky planet related in dimension to Earth, situated at a comparatively shut distance from us – 55 gentle years. It orbits a star that belongs to the kind of ultra-cool pink dwarfs that reside 100 instances longer than the Solar, … Read more

Discovery of exotic black holes predicted

Scientists have predicted that the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will be able to detect an exotic class of light black holes – hypothetical objects that have not yet been discovered. About it reported in a paper published in the journal Physical Review D. It is believed that primordial black holes were formed as a … Read more

Top 7 events that influenced (will influence) life in Latvia

1. Residents are distributed to shelters Latvia will need at least 98,679,900 euros to repair or create shelters and places for shelter, according to a draft report from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the government. In 2025, 9,867,990 euros will be required, in 2026 – 9,867,990 euros, in 2027 – 9,867,990 euros, and between … Read more

Mechanism underlying liver cancer discovered

Researchers have identified the key role played by a molecule called fatty acid binding protein 5 (FABP5) and found that inhibiting it blocks hepatocellular carcinoma tumor progression in many cases. During the experiments, scientists fed mice a special diet that causes fat to accumulate in the liver. Previous studies have shown that this diet promotes … Read more

Hundreds of black “spiders” discovered on Mars

The phenomenon was noticed in the region of the south pole of Mars known as the “City of the Incas.” The pictures show hundreds of black spots with small thin stripes extending in all directions. It is noted that such formations are formed as a result of seasonal changes on Mars. “These little dark streaks … Read more

The authorities have figured out how to make Latvian products cheaper

Studying the food market, the Competition Council (CC) found that prices in stores for milk, cheese, as well as doctor’s sausage and certain types of meat, as well as some other food produced in Latvia, are higher than for food imported from other countries. As follows from the conclusion of the Investigative Committee, for example, … Read more