UAE Banks Federation Announces Historic Trillion Dirham Initiative for Sustainable Financing at COP28 Conference

2023-12-04 21:03:18 A historic initiative within the Funding Day at the COP28 conference Dubai: Anwar Dawood In conjunction with the UAE hosting the Conference of the Parties (COP28), the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, in cooperation with the Presidency of the Conference of the Parties (COP28), yesterday, Monday, organized a global event within … Read more

Solar panels pay for themselves faster due to low prices | Economy

2023-12-04 09:03:25 04 dec 2023 om 09:44 Update: 12 minuten geleden Anyone who buys solar panels now will recoup the investment within about six years, according to Milieu Centraal. That is two years faster than at the beginning of 2023, when solar panels were much more expensive. Milieu Centraal calculates a current purchase price of … Read more

Rethink collective commitment and structures. Green events in the music and event sector – mica

2023-12-01 07:43:00 Music events are often said to be extremely harmful to the environment: international flights, large amounts of garbage, high electricity consumption, disposable tableware. But at various levels of organizing, from small events to large festivals, ideas are being worked on to make them more ecologically sustainable. Various actors in Austria and internationally are … Read more

sustainability: Cash may still be king despite pick up in digital transactions

2023-11-28 14:12:21 Even as post COVID pick up in digital transactions has slowdown the demand for cash in the country, a research paper by RBI economists says that cash is still a preferred as savings instrument for its ‘store of value’ and for precautionary purposes and hence demand for cash would rise as the economy … Read more

Re3ig S100 SLS printer for 100% reuse of powders

2023-11-15 16:30:18 The Flemish Rejig has launched the Re3ig S100 at Formnext, a further development of the former Sindoh S100 SLS printer. What is unique is that the Belgian manufacturer supplies these with Materialize’s Blueprint technology. This means that the PA12 powder can be completely reused. Anyone who thinks they recognize the image of the … Read more

Sustainability, Technology, and Trade: Thailand’s Path to Growth and Innovation

2023-11-16 01:15:00 Sustainability Thailand has the Bangkok Goals on BCG Economy, which all APEC leaders adopted last year. This year, the United States, as APEC host, has continued, making achieving the Bangkok goals successful. success and is of utmost importance In particular, the launch of the BCG Pledge by ABAC, which urges all companies to … Read more