Russian FSB behind spray-painted stars of David on buildings 2024-02-25 00:26:12

Dozens of etched blue Stars of David were spotted on building facades in Paris and the suburbs. A Moldovan couple was arrested and the alleged perpetrator, a pro-Russian Moldovan businessman, was identified. In November, France also condemned “Russian digital interference” in the case. Around sixty Stars of David were tagged on several building facades in … Read more

The Eiffel Tower is closed for a second day due to a staff strike 2024-02-23 07:26:27

The mayor’s office of the French capital, the main shareholder of the Sete company that manages the Tower, “refuses to negotiate for now”, a representative of the CGT union told AFP yesterday. Yesterday’s strike at the Eiffel Tower was the second to take place in two months for the same reason. Unions have criticized SETE … Read more

A man “threatened” police officers with a butcher knife 2024-02-19 18:57:51

The deceased was identified as having been born in January 1984 in Sudan and was not known to the authorities, according to the same source. The police opened fire after using the taser against him, to no avail, said the prosecutor’s office, which has launched an investigation into the incident. Shortly before 3 am “the … Read more

‘Blood and money’: the scam of the century inspires the human comedy of today’s France | Television

“Right now, fiction is the best way to tell how the world works. It is what captures reality or, at least, part of it.” So says the filmmaker Xavier Giannoli, son of famous French journalists. “If you look at the front pages of French newspapers, it is difficult to find a single aspect on which … Read more

The entire Attal government

After almost a month of waiting and questions from local elected officials about the place that the Attal government will give to communities, the complete casting is finally known. Concerning the communities, the time has come for renewals, even if a few new faces appear. Overview of the main ministers who will be the communities’ … Read more