Egypt: Camp in the Sinai desert – The exodus of Palestinians is expected – VIDEO | World: News and News from around the World – 2024-03-04 02:52:19

Egyptian authorities are building a huge camp, surrounded by high concrete walls, in the Sinai desert, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Cairo is worried about a possible mass exodus from the Gaza Strip when his army Israel begin a ground attack on Rafa, the publication explains. The newspaper, citing Egyptian officials and experts, said … Read more

The residents in the south of the Gaza Strip are in a panic: the influx from Rafih to the central camps watch

Against the background of reports that the IDF is expected to operate soon in Rafah, the last stronghold of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, documents were published on Arab social networks this evening (Monday) showing residents of Rafah fleeing their homes to the north. In the meantime, the Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper revealed today the evacuation … Read more