Better breathable cycling shorts thanks to 3D printing

2023-11-28 11:05:16 Endurance athletes – and other cyclists – can make their cycling efforts more comfortable and waste-free thanks to 3D printing. Sportswear manufacturer Gorewear uses 3D printed pads from Elastic Interface in the Ultimate Bib Shorts. Giorewear receives the 2023 ISPO Design Award this week. Optimal seating comfort remains a challenge for cyclists. To … Read more

The Journey of PMC Blue Bags: Sorting and Recycling in the Walloon Region

2023-11-28 07:11:00 In the Walloon region, 90% of the contents of our PMC bags (plastic, metal packaging and beverage cartons) are sorted for recycling. Each year, via our PMC bags, 23 kg of waste are recycled per year and per resident. The RTL info teams followed the progress of our blue bags. It is in … Read more

Chemical industry at the UN plastics conference: circular economy is a win-win solution

2023-11-19 12:15:06 Focus on recycling brings sustainability and climate protection Vienna (OTS) – During the current negotiations on a UN plastics agreement in Nairobi, the global handling of plastic waste was once again discussed. The chemical industry welcomes the initiative to look together for solutions at an international level. The focus should be on technological … Read more

more disagreements than convergences

2023-11-19 20:35:28 Negotiators from 175 countries completed a week of talks in Nairobi, but without truly reaching consensus on how to tackle plastic pollution. International negotiations against the proliferation of plastic waste ended on Sunday in Kenya, against a backdrop of disagreement over the scope of the treaty and the frustration of environmental NGOs over … Read more

The largest recycled PET plastic factory in France opens its doors

2023-11-19 14:49:54 A former steel “slag” converted to the circular economy. The largest recycled PET plastic production plant in France has just opened in Messein, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, near Nancy. This plastic is mainly used to make water bottles and food containers, or textiles (fleece, sports clothing, etc.). It is the only one that is easily … Read more

PFAS and Phenols: Link to Female Hormone-Related Cancers Revealed in Recent Study

2023-11-08 12:00:22 Chemicals such as PFAS increase the risk of melanoma, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer (study) Entered 2023.11.08 21:00 Views 1 Entered 2023.11.08 21:00 Modified 2023.11.08 18:01 Views 1 Research has shown that exposure to certain chemicals can increase the risk of developing female hormone-related cancers, such as ovarian cancer.[사진=게티이미지뱅크]Amid growing awareness of chemical … Read more