Calorie Content and Storage Tips for Different Types of Tamis – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-12-14 19:35:17 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Muhammad Al-Ghandour revealed the calories found in different types of “tamis” and warned against putting it in plastic bags. He said during an interview with the “Yahla” program broadcast on the Rotana Khalijiya channel: “Regular tamis contains 280 calories, sesame tamis contains 295 calories, and ghee tamis contains 390 calories.” … Read more

The Influence of Intestinal Microflora on Obesity Development: Insights from Elena Malysheva

2023-12-06 08:44:00 She says it depends on the ratio of bacteria called Firmicutes and Bacteroides. According to her, Firmicutes feed on carbohydrates and sugars, while Bacteroidetes require healthier foods. However, bacteroides are “modest” bacteria that do not require such products, she notes. “Bacteroids do not give any signals to the body; they do not say, … Read more

Postponing Al-Ittihad’s Match for Club World Cup Prep: Sports Journalist Walid Al-Farraj Urges Delay

2023-12-01 11:14:38 Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Walid Al-Farraj called for the necessity of postponing Al-Ittihad’s match against Damak, in order for the team to prepare strongly for the Club World Cup competitions. Al-Farraj said on his program Action with Walid that Al-Ittihad is considered the representative of Saudi football in the Club World Cup, and … Read more

Najran University Punishes Faculty Member for Job Negligence: Five-Year Suspension and Transfer to Administrative Work

2023-11-05 20:53:07 Al-Marsad newspaper: Najran University decided to remove a faculty member from academic work for a period of five years. The official spokesman for Najran University, Dr. Saleh Al-Harithi, said during an official university statement that the university decided to punish a faculty member by removing him from academic work for a period of … Read more

Analyzing Al-Nasr’s Defensive Weakness and Predicting the Championship Contenders: Al-Hilal vs Al-Ahly – Al-Marsad Sports

2023-10-17 09:10:40 Al-Marsad Sports: Sports critic Saud Al-Sarami expected that Al-Nasr would not achieve the league championship due to its preoccupation with several tournaments, indicating that the final would be between Al-Hilal and Al-Ahly. Al-Sarami explained on the Al-Diwaniyah program on the Saudi sports channels that Al-Nasr performed very well, especially in the offensive aspect, … Read more

The Benefits of Nighttime Showering for General Health: Expert Opinions and Tips for a Clean and Restful Sleep

2023-09-15 03:19:55 Al-Marsad newspaper: Doctors agree that showering in the evening is better than in the morning for a person’s general health. Shower at night General physician and medical advisor at Prescription Doctor, Aragona Giuseppe, said: “Bathing at night is best for hygiene and to promote good sleep.” He said: “Bathing in the evening is … Read more

Unveiling the Global Cancer Study: Red Meat, Salt, and Low Fruit/Milk Diets Linked to 80% Increased Cancer Risk

2023-09-07 07:29:00 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The largest scientific study of its kind covering 204 countries revealed that diets high in red meat and salt and low in fruits and milk may cause cancer by 80%. The study indicated that tobacco use is one of the main risk factors behind cancer, most common among people under the … Read more

Al-Ittihad Club Seeks to Replace Romarinho: Transfer Updates and Sports News

2023-08-29 17:36:28 Sports Observatory: Al-Ittihad club officials, headed by Anmar Al-Haili, settled on the departure of Brazilian Romarinho, the winger of the team, during the current summer transfer period. And according to what the journalist, “Rod Galetti”, said through his official account on the social networking site “X”, the Brazilian Romarinho is no longer part … Read more