I will not participate in the Bab Al-Hara series after the departure of Muhammad Qanoua

2023-08-27 21:11:42 The Syrian actress, Umayya Malas, explained that her last look, which she published on her personal page on Facebook, in a white dress, was from filming one of her scenes in the series “A Groom on Demand”, which she recently finished filming, directed by Ammar Tamim. And she indicated, in an interview with … Read more

Amr Diab’s concert took place, he will not fade… Choreographer Mike Poladian told “An-Nahar”: I cried with joy for Beirut (video)

2023-08-23 12:19:00 The impact of the Egyptian artist Amr Diab’s concert did not fade, as the Lebanese audience is still discussing its content to this day, whether negatively or positively, especially after the renewed talk about a second return of the Egyptian star to revive a new concert in Lebanon. In front of the Lebanese … Read more

The Astonishing Benefits of Eating Unripe Zucchini: Expert Advice from Gastroenterologist Dr. Ekaterina Kachokh

2023-08-13 07:38:39 Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: The gastroenterologist, Doctor Ekaterina Kachokh, revealed the amazing benefits of eating unripe zucchini (squash) in food. Easy to digest According to Gazeta.Ru, the doctor says that zucchini is a safe food item because it is easy to digest and absorb and rarely causes allergic reactions. So you can start … Read more

Unlock the Benefits of Berries: Discover How Strawberries Can Improve Heart and Brain Health

2023-08-09 12:37:00 They call it the super fruit because it carries – of all kinds – many health benefits. It is a berry fruit that previous studies have shown that eating it reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, which can be a catalyst for several diseases. Other studies have linked berries to other benefits related to … Read more

Title: “Efforts to Combat AIDS in Lebanon: The State of Arab Countries and the Reality of People Living with the Disease”

2023-07-28 19:41:25 Al-Hurra website published a report entitled “Efforts to combat AIDS in the world… What is the state of the Arab countries?”, in which it touched on the reality of people living with the disease in Lebanon. The report indicated that 3 years ago, a citizen named Imad (58 years old) discovered that he … Read more

Olive Oil’s Protective Benefits: Reducing Dementia Risk and Promoting Brain Health

2023-07-25 04:35:36 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A recent medical study revealed that olive oil preserves memory and reduces the chances of death from dementia. Dementia protection The study, which reviewed its results at the annual meeting of the American Dietetic Association in Boston, found that those who ate more than half a tablespoon of olive oil per … Read more