Bats in disturbed ecosystems are more likely to be infected with coronaviruses

Munich (ots) – Coronaviruses from wild bat populations have already caused major human disease outbreaks three times in the past 20 years: SARS in 2002, MERS in 2012 and COVID-19. The latter triggered a global pandemic, from the consequences of which humanity has still not fully recovered. This has also caused increased attention to infectious … Read more

REPORT – In the footsteps of dinosaurs in England

Cliffs that transport us 185 million years ago. Imagine, ten-meter-long marine dinosaurs and dozens of species of ammonites populated the shores of what is now called the Jurassic Coast in England. The history of these dinosaurs is imprisoned, sometimes within hammer reach, in rocks. With his little air of professor Indiana Jones, Nigel Clarke, author … Read more

“A Canine Rescued from a Fire-Damaged Apartment in the Heart of Brussels”

The fire department had to rescue a dog from an apartment on the second floor of a building. Although there were no injuries, the incident highlighted the importance of smoke detectors, according to Walter Derieuw, a spokesperson for the fire department. The apartment’s residents were not present during the fire, but a neighbor heard the … Read more

Search for man who allegedly bludgeoned dog to death in DeKalb

DEKALB (Telemundo Atlanta) – Authorities in Georgia have released the identity of an animal cruelty suspect who allegedly beat a dog to death in DeKalb. The subject was identified Friday as Mekhi Jackson, according to DeKalb County police. The attack was captured Monday on a security camera at an apartment in the Highlands at East … Read more

New signs at dog zones: the city draws attention to chipping and registration | PID press

Czernohorszky: “Quick assignment of animals only possible upon registration!” Vienna (OTS) – A little carelessness while walking, a loud noise from a passing car and it happened: the dog runs away. The veterinary office of the city of Vienna takes care of around 500 found dogs every year. That’s a significant number. “That’s why we … Read more

Viral | Sharks come to the shore and attack 2 teenagers: an arm and a leg have been amputated | Brazil | viral video | Animals | World

Sharks attack 2 people on a Brazilian beach, known as Jaboatã dos Fuararapes, on the outskirts of Recife. Photo: composition LR/Azteca Puebla What seemed to be a fun summer afternoon on a beach in Brazil, from one moment to the next, turned into a nightmare. Two teenagers were attacked by several sharks who went out … Read more