Mariona, the soccer player from the low-media team who gave two assists on the way to the Nations League final | Soccer | Sports

There was a moment when he thought: “Earth, swallow me.” She couldn’t take it anymore and it was difficult for her to see the light at the end of the tunnel. “My heart is broken and I can’t find the words to express how I feel. “Football is not just football, it is my life,” … Read more

Andoni Zubizarreta: The sounds of the Champions League | Soccer | Sports

Carlos de Hita, naturalist, said: “In the jungle, each tree has its own sound of rain.” The Champions League is back, its anthem is back, the best club competition in the world is back, the one that awakens the best dreams and the worst nightmares. So that we can see how exceptional what we consider … Read more

The Netherlands coach, on Cádiz’s refusal to participate in the Women’s Nations League: “They are the world champions, this is bad for football” | Soccer | Sports

The Dutch may sometimes seem rude because they put honesty first. Frankness is so intrinsic in society that they even have a word for it: negotiability [vendría a significar hablabilidad]. Sports, of course, are no exception. And an example of not mincing words is the Netherlands coach, Andries Jonker, who, as a good disciple of … Read more

Champions League: And Osimhen’s goal eclipsed Iñigo Martínez | Soccer | Sports

Stigmatized and always looking for a player to point the finger at, guilt has a bad press in football. Iñigo Martínez did not get rid of that old Judeo-Christian recipe eager to find someone responsible, especially in bad times. On the night that Barcelona returned to the Champions League round of 16 after three seasons, … Read more

This is how we counted Barça’s draw against Naples in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 | Soccer | Sports

Xavi Hernández: “It’s a shame, we deserved the victory” “We played a great game, according to our game model. Then we had to sleep the game at 0-1, I missed that moment. We dominated it for 75 minutes, them the final minutes and the first They have, they score. We deserved more, but we have … Read more

Napoli fires Mazzarri two days before the Champions League match against Barça | Soccer | Sports

This Monday, Naples fired its coach, the Italian Walter Mazarri, and announced what will be its third coach of the season, Francesco Calzona. He is an old acquaintance of the team who will combine his position with that of Slovakia coach until the end of the season and who will make his debut this Wednesday … Read more

League F: Barcelona stuns the power of Atlético de Madrid | Soccer | Sports

DirectChronicle Any match between Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid is synonymous with intensity, tension and classic. The Colchoneras wanted to take revenge for the culé victory in the first leg in which Alexia Putellas – now in the eye of the hurricane after her call-up to Spain – became the Barça club’s top scorer. The … Read more

Montse Tomé’s list for the women’s Nations League includes Alexia Putellas: “There is nothing strange in her call and we are not going to do anything crazy” | Soccer | Sports

The national team coach Montse Tomé has called up 25 footballers to compete in the Final Four of the Nations League, that recently created continental tournament that for the first time the Spanish women’s team can win, as their male colleagues already did in the final in Rotterdam from last summer. The coach’s list is … Read more