Nikopolidis, Fyssas and Tabakos spoke about the unforgettable summer of 2004 at an Intrakat event at the Delphi Economic Forum – 2024-04-20 07:41:34

A special discussion, during which the enthusiastic spirit of the European Football Championship and the 2004 Olympic Games was revived, was held by Intrakat at the 9th Economic Forum of Delphi, with the participation of the European Champions Takis Fyssa and Antonis Nicopolidis, as well as the gold Olympic medalist in the rings competition of … Read more

Algeria contacted Zinédine Zidane… who refused

By the editorial staff Published on 01/26/2024 at 4:02 p.m., Updated on 01/26/2024 at 4:35 p.m. ” data-script=” > Without a coach since the elimination in the first round of the CAN, Algeria offered the position to Zidane. The latter declined. Already eliminated from the African Cup of Nations, after a pitiful first round, the … Read more

Helium Balloon Dangers: Tragic Case in Texas Highlights Risks for Children – What Every Parent Needs to Know

2023-11-28 05:27:42 (Schematic diagram/pixabay) Recently, a murder case involving the death of a girl was reported in Texas, USA. The girl was only alone in her room for 20 minutes before she was found unconscious lying on the bed by her mother. After the mother found out, she immediately sent her daughter to the hospital … Read more

2023 Red Balloon Challenge: Suzhou Station Unites Global Sports Enthusiasts for Humanitarian Cause

2023-11-09 00:11:00 Original title: 2023 “Red Balloon Challenge” (Suzhou Station) starts with passion Workers Daily-China Industry Network reporter Che Hui On November 5, the 2023 “Red Balloon Challenge” (Suzhou Station) started with the whistle blowing on the Jinji Lake Lake Trail in Suzhou City. A total of 220 teams and more than a thousand sports … Read more

Restaurant Explosion in Chongqing: A Cautionary Tale of Playing with Hydrogen Balloons

2023-10-28 09:04:17 A thrilling incident recently occurred in a restaurant in Chongqing, mainland China. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo) A thrilling incident recently occurred in a restaurant in Chongqing, mainland China. A woman was dining when a hydrogen balloon in her hand suddenly exploded and almost burned her. The incident was recorded on the restaurant’s surveillance video, … Read more

2023 Saga International Balloon Fiesta: Asia’s Largest Balloon Competition

2023-10-27 23:01:20 Event2023.10.28 Tomonori From November 1st (Wednesday) to November 5th (Sunday), 2023, “2023 Saga International Balloon Fiesta“is held. It is one of Asia’s largest international balloon competitions, with balloons participating from all over the world, and is a big event that attracts more than 800,000 visitors each year. This year, a total of 126 … Read more

The Dangers of Gastric Balloon: An Inside Look at the Physical and Health Damage Revealed by a Citizen

2023-10-20 12:26:46 Al-Marsad newspaper: A female citizen revealed the physical and health damage she suffered due to the installation of a gastric balloon. The citizen said in a video clip: “I asked the doctor to install a gastric balloon as I weigh 70 kilograms, and the cost of each one is 17 thousand riyals, including … Read more