Nigeria inaugurates its first oil drilling outside the Niger Delta

Published on : 24/11/2022 – 04:25 After decades of oil exploitation in the Niger Delta, in the southeast, Nigeria is launching production sites in the northeast of the country. President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday (November 22nd) inaugurated oil and gas fields in Kolmani, between Gombe and Bauchi states. While oil has generated enormous profits in … Read more

Sadio Mané was left out due to injury and the World Cup lost another star

These organizations are not convinced of Qatar’s guarantees that visitors will be received without discrimination during the World Cup. “We hear it repeated, with a kind of robotic insistence, that we will be safe, that we are welcome, but this is not supported by any concrete item or documented project,” said Di Cunningham, co-founder of … Read more

Death toll from Nigeria floods exceeds 500

Two government ministries said on Friday that widespread flooding has killed more than 500 people in Nigeria, inundated nearly 90,000 homes and disrupted food and fuel supplies.The floods have swept through 27 of Nigeria’s 36 states, affecting nearly 1.4 million people, the Ministries of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management said in an online post.Nigerian authorities … Read more

Music and Peace | Gulf newspaper

Symphony by: Iman Al HashemiDuring the civil war in Nigeria that broke out in 1967, the two warring factions declared a 24-hour armistice; This is so that the two sides can watch the Brazilian soccer player Pele playing in the Nigerian city of Lagos, away from the sound of gunshots and the sound of cannons, … Read more

In Nigeria, floods have claimed more than 500 lives since June

Published on : 12/10/2022 – 20:32 More than 500 people have died since June in Nigeria’s deadliest floods of a decade. Bad weather also displaced 1.4 million people. Since June, deadliest floods of the decade in Nigeria, caused by exceptional rains, killed more than 500 people and forced 1.4 million inhabitants to flee their homes, … Read more

Your topical questions: Amnesty in Senegal, Nigerian elections, Brazil

Published on : 04/10/2022 – 10:10 Every day, RFI journalists and correspondents as well as specialists answer your questions on the news. This morning : Senegal: Macky Sall calls for amnesty for certain opponents. Par Charlotte IdracRFI correspondent in Dakar. Nigeria: how to explain the success of candidate Peter Obi? Par Liza FabbianRFI correspondent in … Read more