President of the National Council Sobotka welcomes the new Czech President Petr Pavel in Parliament

2023-06-01 18:41:34 Exchange on bilateral relations and Russian war of aggression against Ukraine Vienna (PK) – As part of his inaugural visit to Austria, the new President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, met the President of the National Council, Wolfgang Sobotka, for talks in Parliament on Thursday. Sobotka addressed the bilateral relations, the exchange … Read more

President of the National Council Sobotka on a visit to Switzerland

2023-06-01 08:04:09 Discussions on bilateral relations, United Nations, European Union and inflation Vienna (PK) – Vienna/Bern (PK) – President of the National Council Wolfang Sobotka arrived in Bern today for a visit abroad. He held talks with the President of the National Council of the Swiss Confederation, Martin Candinas, President of the Council of States, … Read more

Announcing the 76th Cannes Festival Awards.. and three Arab films win a competition

2023-05-31 19:34:53 Of the 20 films screened in this selection, 8 firsts will also compete for the Camera d’Or. Six films were awarded by the jury headed by American actor John C. Riley, some of which first-time makers have won an award. Here are the results of the Un Certain Regard Award winners: The movie … Read more

“Fatal Motorcycle and Bus Collision in Bressoux: Emergency Services Attempting to Resuscitate Biker”

2023-05-27 19:46:12 This Saturday evening around 9 p.m., a collision between a bus and a motorcycle occurred at the crossroads formed by avenue Winston Churchill and rue du Bouhay, in Bressoux. Liège police and emergency services intervened immediately to help the seriously injured biker. At the time of this writing, emergency services were still trying … Read more

“Traffic Jam Alert: Motorcycle Collision Causes 2-Hour Delay on Brussels Ring”

2023-05-27 13:30:33 The collision between a motorcycle and two vans occurred shortly before 2 p.m. on the Brussels ring, as explained by RTBF. The accident took place near Jette, towards Grand-Bigard, obstructing two lanes of traffic. Inevitably in such a situation, long lines quickly formed. For drivers stuck in these traffic jams, it was necessary … Read more

Iron and cement prices during the beginning of trading today, Saturday, May 27, 2023

2023-05-26 22:37:49 Iron and cement prices declined today, Saturday, May 27, 2023 in the markets locally during the past hours, as iron decreased between 100 and 300 pounds per ton, while cement prices also declined, ranging between 70 and 130 pounds per ton, and white cement prices stabilized, in addition to That prices differ from … Read more