Astrological Horoscopes and Predictions: Aries to Pisces – December 16, 2023

2023-12-16 06:00:00

By Alicia De La RosaDecember 16, 2023 at 00:00 hrs.


You are about to achieve the promotion you want so much, but you must have a little patience and be very careful not to make moves that could tarnish your performance on a professional level. In love, you are excited, on cloud nine for that person who has been courting you for some time. Define once and for all what she wants so that you are not disappointed.


Be careful with money and don’t spend on unnecessary things because you will need it for any emergency. If you organize yourself, you will be able to get all the backlog done. In love, you have to be careful with what you say because your partner may take it the wrong way and that will generate misunderstandings.


Your enthusiasm and dedication to projects will bear fruit for the business to move forward. Be patient, little by little you will get out of this bad moment successfully. In love, your love life is going through a hurricane of emotions that you must have enough intelligence to get through this stage. Everything will be fine.


You will resolve in record time a situation that had stagnated business. From now on things will flow and you will be able to move the company’s finances forward. In love, changes come that will begin when you make the decision to end something that has turned your life upside down. What doesn’t work is said goodbye.


Good communication with your bosses awakens envy and gossip in your colleagues. Don’t pay attention to what they say and do, keep going, you’re on the right path. In love, your family is going through a difficult time and they need your support. Come and help them.


There is a project that was stalled and that you will be able to move forward with a lot of patience. Money you didn’t expect comes into your hands. Think carefully about where to invest it. In love, look for the family that is always waiting for you with open arms and will give you the support that you need so much at this time.


You have to take advantage of these days to put your ideas in order and resolve some problems that have generated delays at work. That proposal you are waiting for will soon arrive. In love, fill yourself with courage and end that relationship that has you drowning. Your health also depends on your mood.

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Prudence is your best weapon to get through this difficult stage at work. Be careful with the money you spend because you may need it in the future to invest in a property. In love, let time heal the wounds of a relationship that could not work due to distance.


You are at the ideal time to invest that money that you have saved for many years. The universe conspires to make everything go as planned, so go ahead. In love, you will have a family reunion in which you will meet someone from the past and you will have the opportunity to clarify situations that were left in the air.


You have some pending legal papers that you must resolve as soon as possible. They will require all your professionalism to carry out a project, so show what wood you are made of. In love, very good news comes from distant lands and will change your life from heaven to earth.


You are so stressed from work that you urgently need a few good days of rest. Plan a vacation and give yourself the opportunity to take a trip to relax. In love, do not mortify yourself for mistakes made in the past. Turn the page and move on. The ideal person will arrive.


Solidarity with the team will make your name very high in front of your bosses, who will value all the effort and desire you have put into the new projects. In love, your relationship is stable, you have overcome thousands of obstacles and you are in a stage of fulfillment. Take advantage to consolidate it even more.

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