Millions of California fire home insurance will be at risk

A California moratorium guaranteeing insurance in areas threatened by wildfires is set to expire Saturday, putting 347,000 homes in Pasadena and other Los Angeles hill communities at the mercy of the market.

Up to 2.4 million households are at risk of losing protection in 2021 as one-year grace periods expire, although new disasters may extend their shields. In total, 18% of the state’s households could effectively lose protection, the largest group since the moratorium law came into effect three years ago.

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Serviantega relaunches its brand, changes its logo and focuses on digital and sustainability

Sofía Solórzano C – [email protected] Since 1982, when the brothers Luz Mary and Jesús Guerrero created Serviantega with an initial capital of $ 17,500, the … Read more

Fateful Evergrande week and China holidays put the spotlight on the yuan

The offshore currency is one of the few Chinese assets that is trading 24 hours a day, which means that it will be under scrutiny from investors preparing for the fallout from a possible default by China Evergrande Group on Monday.

Other options for assessing contagion will be limited due to the holidays that will close operations in China and Hong Kong for the week.

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How banking apps are disrupting the relationship between banks and their customers

DECRYPTION – 22% of people surveyed as part of a study conducted by Harris Interactive claim to use their banking application more than before the … Read more