In the event of the dissolution of the National Assembly, Yannick Jadot wants a “rebalanced” left-wing coalition in favor of ecology

The Europe Écologie-Les Verts candidate for the presidential election also announced the launch of his political club Maison Commune. En cas de dissolution, «we should rebuild a coalition” from the left “with a substantial rebalancing in favor of ecology“Said the former presidential candidate Yannick Jadot in an interview with the JDD. Asked whether the rebellious … Read more

Skaf nominates for “An-Nahar” two “consensual” candidates: the two parties to the House of Representatives do not have the courage, but they will concede

The House of Representatives held a sixth session to elect a president of the republic, without succeeding in his mission, so the scenario of the quorum being blown was repeated after the status quo remained as it was. And with the balance of power remaining as it is in the parliament, and at a time … Read more

Marleix asks that the government “keep informed” the Assembly, Borne sends a message

While the deputies were debating the programming law of the Ministry of the Interior (Lopmi) on Tuesday evening, the international news of the evening caused a suspension of the session. The news took the elected officials present Tuesday on the benches of the Hemicycle by surprise. While the deputies have been debating since Monday the … Read more

The government will oppose the ban on bullfighting

INFO LE FIGARO – The Secretary of State for Rurality, Dominique Faure, has been appointed to scrap on the bench against the bill by LFI deputy Aymeric Caron. The freedom to vote will however be left to the deputies of the majority. He decided after procrastinating for a long time. The government will oppose the … Read more

what to remember from Emmanuel Macron’s television interview

The Head of State announced new aid against inflation on Wednesday. He denounced the “cynicism” of the oppositions on the left and the RN, before reaching out to the LRs. He tried to give a course to his second five-year term. Shaken by the energy crisis and by a series of failures at the National … Read more

the RN will ultimately not participate in Thursday’s demonstration

Par Marylou Magal Published yesterday at 5:10 p.m., Update just now Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP While Jordan Bardella was to lead a delegation of elected officials to the event organized by the IPJ, and where Éric Zemmour and the executives of Reconquest will be present, the RN finally changes … Read more