Emmanuel Macron

Ministry of Laughter – Culture / Next

In the absence of the costume of president or of the throne of Louis XIV (as claimed on the promotional posters of the film), it … Read more

Stop the expansion of commercial areas

Emmanuel Macron is in favor of a moratorium on settlements on the outskirts. Plan de Campagne (Bouches-du-Rhône), one of the largest commercial areas in France … Read more

Pension reform revived but still not funded

This will be “transformed“Said Emmanuel Macron, requesting the resumption of negotiations with the social partners this summer. By Marie-Cécile Renault For Philippe Martinez, secretary general … Read more

The 10 videos of the week that you should not miss

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Frank Beauvais, rare films under the microscope

After the time of confinement, that of revival seems to demand that life start again quickly and strongly. Rather deconfined on a gentle slope, back … Read more