“Reinventing the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation: Consolidating Francophone Collaboration and Identity”

2023-05-16 18:00:00 Strengthen collaboration between Francophones, consolidate their collective identity, make everything more readable by citizens. Ecolo talks squarely about the rebirth of this Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation of 94 deputies, which unites the 75 Walloon deputies and 19 French-speaking Brussels residents and which is not always well identified by the citizens. “Yes, we … Read more

After witnessing how a planet is “swallowed” by a star similar to the sun, scientists predict the end of planet Earth

2023-05-06 04:45:28 American scientists have been devastated after watching a sun-like star swallow a planet for the first time, confirming a prediction that Earth will face the same fate 5 billion years from now. MIT scientists, in collaboration with Harvard University and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), have observed some hints of stars just … Read more

Representative signatures to demand the legislation of the Government Contracts Law (document)

2023-05-02 13:20:08 Nassif said, in a statement to Alsumaria News, that “today there was a meeting with the Finance Committee and the heads of the committees in order to discuss the government contract law, which was concealed in the corridors of the government and to hold it responsible among government agencies.” And she added: “The … Read more

“President Emmanuel Macron advocates for improved healthcare access in France”

2023-04-25 20:43:45 REPORT – The president, who has stayed away from the protesters, wants to give practitioners “more time in front of patients”. Special envoy to Vendôme (Loir-et-Cher) In red, a hand tagged a categorical message to Emmanuel Macron: “64 is no“. Did he only see him at the entrance to Vendôme (Loir-et-Cher), on the … Read more

“Discover the Salaries and Benefits of Deputies: All You Need to Know”

2023-04-21 02:00:00 With indexation, the gross monthly remuneration of a deputy rose at the start of the year to 8,918.05 euros. For comparison, we were at 8,571.57 euros in September 2022. Note, however, that at the federal level, a reduction of 5% is applied, which reduces the amount to 8,472.16 euros. of videos *** ********* … Read more

Al-Halbousi recalls the Anfal crime: We hope for a better future

Al-Halbousi said in a tweet on Twitter, “The pain is renewed every year with the remembrance of the tragedy of the Anfal crime, which targeted our people in Kurdistan and claimed the lives of innocent citizens.” He added, “We hope for a better future for the Iraqis to enjoy under a fair democratic system that … Read more