“We discussed in the party chat, Shmygal was ridiculed.” Kachura spoke about the reaction of the “Servant of the People” in the photo of Urusky with Kadyrov

People’s Deputy Alexander Kachura said that he was “bitter to watch” as Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, without understanding, brings to the public plane the situation … Read more

Union of colleges asks deputies to urgently address reform of the law that will allow them to access loans | News from El Salvador

The ACPES stressed that, according to data they have collected, no less than 30 schools will stop teaching this 2021. The representatives of the Association … Read more

The Bukele government has been made possible by the efforts of the 1992 Peace Accords, say signatories “The scenario in which we are now, including those who govern us, is a product of the Peace Accords”: Óscar Santamaría | News from El Salvador

The deputies reiterated that the Executive cannot change the day of the Peace Accords, if it is not by agreement of the Assembly, at Bukele’s … Read more