how much and who can save

Last year, this support for borrowers was determined by amendments to the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights – Article 8.4. However, the manual for these payments appeared much later – the Finance Association of Latvia, together with the Ministry of Finance and the State Revenue Service, developed a special methodology that explains how … Read more

Latvia undertakes to annually give 0.25% of its GDP to Ukraine

Latvia plans to enter into an agreement with Ukraine on long-term support and security commitments, pledging to provide military support to Ukraine in the amount of 0.25% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) this year and in the next two years, according to a draft information report prepared by the Ministry Foreign Affairs (Ministry … Read more

3045 teachers needed courses to switch to teaching in the Latvian language

According to the Latvian Language Agency, in 2023, 3,045 teachers, including 1,216 preschool teachers, took advantage of support measures to switch to teaching in the state language, writes LETA. 1002 primary and secondary school teachers improved their professional competence. Teachers mostly chose to participate in two- to three-hour consultation webinars and 12-hour programs on working … Read more Russia will be able to launch a large-scale offensive in only one direction

ISW experts suggest that such a direction could be the west of the Donetsk region, in particular, the area of ​​​​the city of Avdievka, which recently came under the control of the Russian military. The Institute for the Study of War cites the failed attack of Russian forces, which took place on March 30 near … Read more

Macron’s promised €3 billion for Ukraine creates a problem for France

The newspaper Le Monde (paid access) writes (French and in English) that military assistance of 3 billion euros per year for Ukraine, provided for in the agreement on guarantees of support signed on February 16, creates a headache for the country’s government: it is forced to cut costs on other items and resort to various … Read more

The EU will increasingly have to answer why the assets of the Bank of Russia are not being used

He emphasized that over the past year in Europe the emphasis on the issue of frozen assets has shifted from the assets of the oligarchs to the assets of the Russian central bank, since the expropriation of private assets will always be a “very specific red line”, and in any case we are talking about … Read more

Australia Joins International Drone Coalition to Support Ukraine War – 2024-03-24 06:42:58

Australia has said it is joining an international drone coalition to provide support to Ukraine’s war effort. (AFP) AUSTRALIA has joined an international drone coalition to help Ukraine’s war effort, joining allies such as the UK and Latvia. “Making our contribution to the effort to ensure that Ukraine remains standing and able to resolve this … Read more

Celine Dion Remains in Spirit Despite Suffering from Illness, Hopes to Return to the Stage – 2024-03-18 17:36:53

Despite suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome, Celine Dion, the famous pop superstar, still shows her enthusiasm for returning to the stage. (AFP) DESPITE suffering from illness, Celine Dion is still enthusiastic about appearing on stage again. The pop superstar, 55, revealed in an Instagram post that despite suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome, he hopes to … Read more