examination of four draft implementing texts

2023-11-08 18:17:45 ALGIERS – Four draft implementing texts of the law relating to the rules of public accounting and financial management were examined Wednesday during the government meeting, chaired by the Prime Minister, Mr. Aïmene Benabderrahmane. “The Minister of Finance presented four draft executive decrees which intervene in application of the provisions of Law No. … Read more

Marine Le Pen: Karim Benzema’s Supposed Links with Muslim Brotherhood, a Diversion from Major Problems of Islamist Fundamentalism

2023-10-20 06:30:50 By H.M. Published 37 minutes ago, Updated 16 minutes ago ” data-script=” > The president of the National Rally nevertheless believes that the French footballer has “obviously a complacency for radical Islamism”. Marine Le Pen gets involved. While a skirmish between the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin and the French footballer Karim … Read more

Borne engages the government’s responsibility through 49.3 on the revenue side

2023-10-18 15:09:17 On Wally Bordas Published 18 minutes ago, Update 17 minutes ago ” data-script=” > Only the vote on a motion of censure by the oppositions would prevent this part of the text from being considered adopted at first reading. A little tour and then it’s gone. This Wednesday afternoon, around 5 p.m., Élisabeth … Read more

Brussels Terrorist Attack: Latest Updates and Reaction from Political Leaders

2023-10-16 22:06:17 By John Timsit Published 5 hours ago, Updated 4 hours ago Scientific police in the streets of Brussels, Monday evening, after the attack which left two dead. KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / AFP Three days after the attack in Arras, which killed professor Dominique Bernard, Brussels was the target of an Islamist attack in its … Read more

Exposing Hamas Attacks on Israel: In-Depth Investigation and Latest News

2023-10-12 18:10:00 Hamas attacks on Israel: EU opens investigation targeting X DH Les Sports +Hamas attack in Israel: “Elon Musk sometimes places freedom of expression above other fundamental rights”… lalibre.beIsrael-Hamas: Europe warns TikTok about “violent” and “illegal” content circulating 7sur7BlueSky, the safe social network? ZDNet FranceHamas attack in Israel: Watch out for this video showing … Read more

For Bruno Le Maire, Renaissance must “gain in clarity and firmness”

2023-10-07 16:44:26 By Le Figaro with AFP Published yesterday at 6:34 p.m., Update yesterday at 6:44 p.m. Bruno Le Maire. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP “The time is not for consensus, for softness or vagueness,” said the Minister of the Economy during the Macronist party’s back-to-school campus on Saturday in Bordeaux. Renaissance must “gain clarity and … Read more