Naval Group propels military ship with 3D printed propeller, a world first

A French Navy minehunter is, for the first time, powered by a propeller entirely manufactured in 3D printing. The teams at Naval Group’s Nantes-Indret site … Read more

the owner has regained possession of the premises after police intervention

One of the premises of the restaurant in the 10th arrondissement of Paris had been squatted by activists for two months. The affair had caused … Read more

London and Rolls-Royce work on nuclear propulsion for spacecraft

Nuclear propulsion would make it possible to reach Mars twice as fast as with the current system of chemical propulsion. The British space agency announced … Read more

The European constellation project must be completed in 2021

The European Commission announces a new European alliance in launchers to counter SpaceX. In a proactive speech, Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, … Read more

Deutsche Bank no longer wants to do business with Trump since the Capitol invasion

The German bank is the Trump Organization’s largest creditor. The American Signature Bank is also distancing itself. After the assault on the Capitol, Deutsche Bank … Read more

East German pickle soon in the Andros jam jar

SARL Spreewaldkonserve will soon join the French company Andros. Berlin For East Germans, the pickle has something – in a sour version – of the … Read more

A giant solar power plant project causes a stir in the Landes

This installation, as powerful as a nuclear reactor, requires the felling of 1000 hectares of wood. Replace a maritime pine forest with a field of … Read more