Rapid Increase in BTC Holdings on Exchanges Signals Potential Bull Run – Expert Analysis and Market Insights

2023-11-20 18:08:40 Recently, the amount of BTC stored on some cryptocurrency trading platforms has been increasing at a rapid pace, which is mainly due to the increase in exchange rates. So far in November, the crypto flagship is up 7%, continuing October’s 28% rally. Since May 2023, the amount of BTC BTC PRICE coins held … Read more

European Commission Forecasts: Inflation, Monetary Policy, and Economic Growth Outlook for 2023-2024

2023-11-16 18:16:26 The European Commission further lowered its growth forecasts for 2023 and 2024 in the euro zone on Wednesday, citing high inflation and tightening monetary policy which had “a stronger impact than expected”. GDP growth would thus be limited to 0.6% in 2023 (-0.2 points) and 1.2% in 2024 (-0.1 points). The European Statistical … Read more

5 ways companies can support climate finance

2023-11-14 07:31:23 Corporate support for climate issues is no longer just a matter of initiatives, but has become an absolute necessity, especially with the effects of climate change and the worst weather waves the world has witnessed this year. Many companies are seeking to adopt environmental sustainability measures in light of the difficult repercussions they … Read more

The Insolent Growth of the United States: Demographic, Economic and Productivity Factors Explained

2023-11-12 23:02:13 The insolent and astonishing growth of the United States in the third quarter reminds us of this. Between Europe and the United States, it is the story of a disconnect that has never ended since the mid-90s. One last point does not make a trend, we know that. But if we take a … Read more

Higher oil prices could lead to higher than expected inflation rates in 2024: Fitch

2023-11-11 09:51:12 The geopolitical uncertainty from the conflict in Middle East could upend countries’ inflation and growth calculations, leading to a higher than expected inflation for India as well, according to Fitch Ratings. “Higher oil prices would lead to higher-than-expected inflation rates in 2024, followed by corrections in 2025. Turkiye sees the highest percentage point … Read more