After the invention of oil in Antarctica, Boric anticipated that Chile will “firmly oppose any business exploitation.”

T13 Santiago.-Following the Russian authorities’s affirmation to Argentina of the invention of oil in Antarctic waters claimed by Argentina, the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, introduced that he opposes any business exploitation on the white continent, throughout the territory that Chile additionally claims. “Chile has defended, defends and can defend that Antarctica is a continent … Read more

Business: Found oil near Mol Tura

Business: Found oil near Mol Tura | Would you like to get the most important news right away? No please Please Click to turn on notifications “Please” button! The notification function is available in the following browsers:Chrome 61+, Firefox 57+, Safari 10.1+ Thank you for subscribing! Oops! Something went wrong during registration, after refreshing … Read more

Oil price drops despite Iran’s attack on Israel – Publimetro México

He precio of the Petroleum remained stable and even registered a decrease at the beginning of operations this Monday, after the attack launched by the government of Iran contra Israellast Saturday. The quote of raw reference Brent North Sea oil showed a decrease of 70 cents, equivalent to a 0.8% cut, which allowed it to … Read more

Next six-year term ‘will begin’ with a drop in growth: Treasury

The next sexennium will be released with a decrease in the pace of growth from economy Mexican, reported the Secretariat of Hacienda and Public Credit (SHCP). When presenting the Pre-Economic Policy Criteria of 2025 to the Congress of the Union, confirmed that in 2024 the country will achieve a performance of 3.5% of the Gross … Read more

Ukraine launches an offensive against the Russian oil industry |

The Ukrainian army has achieved a new feat far from the front. Its long-range bomb drones successfully attacked at least seven oil refineries in Russia last week, although Russian military accounts put the number at nine. The Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior states that so far this year there have been 12. kyiv and energy … Read more

2023 Gasoline Prices across South America: Find Out Where to Get the Cheapest Fuel

2023-12-06 12:43:30 The country in South America with the cheapest gasoline is Venezuela. Photo: composition by Fabrizio Oviedo/La República/BBC Global Petrol Prices revealed its 2023 ranking of countries with the most expensive gasoline in the world. In the last edition, Hong Kong leads the list with US$3,103 for each liter, almost double that of the … Read more

The Health Hazards of Paraffin and Scented Candles: A Doctor’s Warning

2023-12-04 17:21:08 Al-Marsad newspaper: A doctor warned of the danger of candles to health. He said during a video clip: “In the past, candles were made from natural beeswax, and the combustion exhaust that comes out of it is not harmful.” He added: “Currently, most candles are made from paraffin, which is a petroleum substance, … Read more

Venezuela’s Growing Oil Exports to the United States: Key Facts and Figures

2023-11-04 22:12:11 According to a report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), Venezuela is among the 10 countries that sell the most oil to the United States, after the Export of Creole crude oil to the North American country will increase to 145 thousand barrels of oil per day (bpd) in August. According to the … Read more