Managing Stress for a Healthy Heart: Tips from Cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital

2023-09-28 16:11:09 The stress you feel can affect your heart. Maybe too much stress can break your heart and take your life. Psychological stress is associated with major risk factors for heart disease, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. Stress is a major cause of heart attacks. People who suffer from mental … Read more

Reducing Stress to Lower the Risk of Alzheimer’s: Effective Strategies and Early Signs

2023-09-23 05:00:00 Fatima Khalil wrote Saturday, September 23, 2023 08:00 AM Alzheimer’s disease It is a common condition that affects your cognitive abilities, and it accounts for about 60-80% of dementia cases. It is important to stay away from some risk factors that may exacerbate Alzheimer’s symptoms, such as: stress, according to the Health Shot … Read more

Title: “Unraveling the Mystery: The Baffling Case of Breathlessness – A Podcast Episode by Dr. Bruno Ferrieu” This title highlights the intriguing and compelling story of a retired general practitioner, Dr. Bruno Ferrieu, who shares a particular case that left him perplexed in a new episode of the podcast “Symptoms.” By including keywords related to the content, such as “retired general practitioner,” “bitter taste,” “particular story,” “podcast,” and “doctors recount,” the title aims to optimize the website’s ranking in Google searches.

2023-09-16 04:30:00 A retired general practitioner, Bruno Ferrieu has followed a host of patients in his career and a particular story leaves him with a bitter taste. He tells this story in a new episode of the podcast Symptomsin which doctors recount the case that most marked them in their careers. One morning, as Bruno … Read more

Tensions Escalate in Ain al-Hilweh Camp with Fierce Clashes: Latest Updates and Ceasefire Agreement

2023-09-11 21:55:23 Tension renewed inside Ain al-Hilweh camp at midnight tonight after gunmen opened heavy fire in the Hittin neighborhood. This comes after a cautious calm witnessed in the camp for hours in the evening following fierce clashes, on Monday, between the “Fatah” movement on the one hand and the “Muslim Youth” and “Jund al-Sham” … Read more

Ryanair Pilots Strike Again: Unions Maintain Pressure on Management

2023-09-11 17:40:00 Ryanair pilots maintain pressure on management. After actions during the summer, with strikes on the weekends of July 15 and 16, and August 14 and 15, the unions of Belgian pilots of the Irish company this time opted for Thursday September 14 and Friday September 15 to disengage. For the moment, all flights … Read more

Helping My Father with Type 2 Diabetes: A Personal Journey to Proper Nutrition and Well-Being

2023-09-08 07:23:33 I’ve been living with my family for five years now, but I can’t leave my father unattended. He has already brought his body to a critical state. I’m afraid that a little more and no one will be able to help him. My dad was diagnosed with problems with the endocrine system 10 … Read more