What happens in the brain when we worry?

The Sustainable Health program hosts Dr. Michel Daher, a psychiatrist at Aman Wellness Clinic in Dubai, to discuss the topic: What happens in the brain when we worry? Recent medical research highlights the serious negative effects of stress and its ability to weaken the immune system. A study conducted by researchers at the University of … Read more

BB.lv: “Shame” – National Minority School Graduates Have Critically Poor Knowledge of Latvian

The Ministry of Education admits that this is a disgrace for the education system. However, the situation should improve in the near future, since much has been done to completely abandon the Russian language in schools. Vocational schools are also sounding the alarm that minority school graduates’ proficiency in the state language is often critically … Read more

“The standard of our lives relies upon largely on how we discuss to ourselves deep down” | Well being | Vogue

2024-06-18 03:30:00 The premise of “Assume Effectively and You Will Be Proper” (Platform Editorial, 2024) by Natalia Martín Cantero, a journalist who can also be a college professor and yoga and mindfulness coach, is that Anybody with a mind has an issue, as a result of as neuroscientist Wolf Singer assures: “Our brains are like … Read more

The GPSS will verify the alarm sirens

As well as, for the primary time, in the meanwhile the alarm sirens activate, customers of the 112 Latvija software will probably be despatched a notification, which is able to enable them to check the operation of the appliance in actual situations. It will make it potential to find out the mandatory enhancements within the … Read more

SAT makes taxpayers who try to file their annual return tremble

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) heart a tremble to more than half of the professionals y taxpayers who try to present their Annual statement of taxesrevealed the global human capital firm OCC. Through its recent survey, it reported that 39 out of every 100 people (39%) indicated that the greatest “challenge” or main problem was … Read more

Serbia scrambles fighter jets due to UFO

In a statement, the Serbian Ministry of Defense stated that on Saturday at 10:39 am the permanent forces for monitoring and protecting the sovereignty of the airspace of the Republic of Serbia detected an unknown aircraft over Valjevo at an altitude of 5,500 meters. “By order of the President of the Republic and Commander-in-Chief of … Read more

Emmy winners and losers: a lot of anxiety, little variety and no ‘Better Call Saul’ | Television

What is the purpose of an awards gala today? The question arises every time the peak season of these ceremonies arrives. It is very possible that the Emmys, which were to have been delivered in September 2023 and took place in the early hours of Monday to Tuesday (in Spanish time), will become the least … Read more