Top 10 Full Body Stretching Exercises for Mobility and Flexibility

2023-12-04 10:13:11 Stretching helps maintain joint mobility and muscle elasticity. Even the simplest and shortest exercise cycle will reduce swelling, improve blood circulation and help you relax. You can perform such a complex either separately or as a cool-down after any workout – this will help to gradually reduce the load on the body at … Read more

Xponential Fitness Acquires Lindora: Expanding into Metabolic Health and Wellness Space

2023-12-04 18:02:06 Anthony Geisler, founder and CEO of the company, stated just three weeks ago that Xponential Fitness had been wanting to expand for some time, and confirmed that he was in talks with a half-dozen different companies in various fitness and wellness modalities, really trying to figure out which It was the best option … Read more

Trimming Your Waist: Tips for Healthy and Effective Belly Fat Loss

2023-12-02 09:15:00 A well-shaped, flat stomach is not only beautiful, but also healthy! If you have too much fat, you have to reduce your waist circumference, otherwise you run the risk of damaging your organs. You can find out how to get rid of excess belly fat here. Losing weight on your stomach – is … Read more

Mastering the Squat: Technique, Variations, and Benefits – Expert Advice

2023-11-29 11:52:30 Squats are a basic strength exercise that engages almost all leg muscles. This is an important part of training for both beginners and professional athletes. We tell you which muscles the exercise uses and how to correct mistakes when performing it. Consult a specialist Our articles are written with love for evidence-based medicine. … Read more

2024 Wellness and Lifestyle Trends Revealed by Yelp: Stretch Classes, Cold Immersion Therapy, and ‘Sober and Curious’ Options

2023-11-29 05:00:00 Yelp, the business review platform that analyzes millions of reviews across different industries, is revealing its predictions for the top wellness and lifestyle trends for 2024, with stretch classes making big strides as that the new trend of group fitness becomes a popular alternative to yoga. Searches for Pilates are up 71% year … Read more

A 3D overview of his latest running outing: the latest feature of the Strava app

2023-11-16 11:15:49 Flyover is a video recap of an activity, as if it had been filmed from an aerial view, and gives Strava subscribers a different look at what they accomplished. This new feature begins with a zoom on the route, Flyover then displays Strava’s characteristic orange line which traces the athlete’s journey throughout the … Read more