Inés Hernand and the ultra fear of powerful women

Javier Milei calls the singer Lali Expósito Lali Depósito in an interview in The nation for collecting public money at a rock concert the same week in which the national reactionary ecosystem pushes the ultras, and those who become intoxicated with ultras without being aware, to target Inés Hernand for doing her job, humor and … Read more

The fear of losing Formula 1 in Catalonia: “It is a marketing campaign that cannot be paid for in any other way” | Formula 1 | Sports

For 33 years, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has not known what life is like without Formula 1. In 2026 its contract with Liberty Media ends, the year in which it will coexist with the premiere of the Ifema urban circuit in Madrid, with an agreement until 2035 The negotiations, still open: a project led by … Read more

3 Habits to Avoid for Better Brain Health

2023-12-21 15:12:29 Don’t watch negative programs, don’t listen to sad songs, don’t criticize. Entered 2023.12.20 17:10 Views 1,887 Entered 2023.12.20 17:10 Modified 2023.12.21 17:45 Views 1,887 The three things American brain coach Emily never does for brain health are: not watching programs with negative content, not listening to or singing sad songs, and not judging … Read more

Steam open world survival “The Parasites”, exciting highlights are expected to add NSFW content | 4Gamers

2023-12-11 11:43:57 “The Parasites” (tentative translation: Parasites), which is expected to be released on Steam, is an open-world survival horror game set in an abandoned corner. In the world after the fall of a huge meteorite, players will try to survive for 24 hours. The background description of “The Parasites” describes that the world has … Read more

Battling the New “Norovirus” Wave in Britain: Health Concerns, Precautions, and Updates

2023-12-10 18:05:50 Britain has entered a wave of extreme anxiety due to the emergence of a new mutant strain of the “Covid 19” virus, a strain that doctors described as an “explosive new strain” that could renew the epidemic crisis that emerged in the year 2020. The health authorities quickly began taking strict new measures … Read more

Happiness after Cancer Quenching: Inspiring Stories of Patients Fighting Cancer and Finding Strength

2023-11-04 16:42:20 On this journey of fighting cancer, I saw many patients in the hospital who were fighting for themselves just like me. In the cancer ward, I saw many touching stories of cancer patients… her story One time that left a deep impression on me was when I was hospitalized. A girl (pseudonym: Xiaojing) … Read more