3 Habits to Avoid for Better Brain Health

2023-12-21 15:12:29

Don’t watch negative programs, don’t listen to sad songs, don’t criticize.

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The three things American brain coach Emily never does for brain health are: not watching programs with negative content, not listening to or singing sad songs, and not judging yourself and others. [좌측사진=신경과학자 에밀리 맥도널드=’데일리메일’ 보도내용 캡처 /우측=게티이미지뱅크] *To help you understand It is often thought that for brain health, one must abstain from drinking, smoking, and maintain healthy eating habits. Of course, this is important information. But recently, a woman named Emily McDonald, an American neuroscientist and brain coach, revealed that she is practicing to keep her brain healthy, and the rules she revealed seem a little unusual.

According to an article in the British daily newspaper ‘Daily Mail’, the three things he quit doing for the sake of his brain health were △not watching programs with negative content, △not listening to or singing sad songs, and △not criticizing himself and others. He said that setting and keeping these rules has significantly improved his quality of life.

1. Avoid watching horror or negative TV programs

MacDonald explained that watching scary or harmful media, especially at night, can increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol and interfere with sleep. “Sleep quality is one of the most important things for brain health,” he said. “When you watch harmful programs, the harmful behavior is considered normal, and this is engraved in your brain and becomes your way of thinking.” I don’t even watch the news, and get the information I need from other sources.

2. Don’t sing about things you don’t want to be true.

According to MacDonald, listening to music activates neuroplasticity and the brain’s ability to reorganize. He explains that when you listen to a song, the lyrics you sing actually connect to your brain much better than when you just say them. One reason is that music in particular is often connected to emotions.

However, he explained that he listens to sad music only when necessary, as research shows that sad music can help people process emotions.

3. Avoid criticizing yourself or others

“One of the most important things I’ve learned about mental health and mindset is that whatever you criticize others has to do with internally criticizing yourself,” MacDonald said. In fact, he says he was able to stop criticizing himself by no longer judging others for their flaws and imperfections. “As I extend more grace and forgiveness to myself, I find myself doing the same to others,” he said.

Many people agreed with his opinion and shared their own experiences. One man said, “I told my ex-wife to stop watching ‘Real Housewives’ because she was constantly acting combative. “He didn’t like what I said, but I was right,” he said. Another netizen said, “I definitely do this! “Too many people don’t understand this process.”

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