3 Habits to Avoid for Better Brain Health

2023-12-21 15:12:29 Don’t watch negative programs, don’t listen to sad songs, don’t criticize. Entered 2023.12.20 17:10 Views 1,887 Entered 2023.12.20 17:10 Modified 2023.12.21 17:45 Views 1,887 The three things American brain coach Emily never does for brain health are: not watching programs with negative content, not listening to or singing sad songs, and not judging … Read more

Understanding and Managing Cluster Headaches: Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery

2023-12-19 22:07:35 Early detection is best… the longer it is delayed, the more depression and anxiety increase. Entered 2023.12.20 07:05 Views 9 Entered 2023.12.20 07:05 Modified 2023.12.19 17:31 Views 9 ‘iShoSpeed’ (Darren Jason Watkins Jr., 19), a large YouTuber with 22 million subscribers, was diagnosed with ‘cluster headaches’ last summer. [사진=유튜브 채널 @IShowSpeed_Korea]Ishospeed (Darren Jason … Read more

New Virus in Peru: Symptoms, Transmission, and Precautions

2023-12-06 21:50:18 A virus very similar to malaria and dengue fever… first report of a new virus with symptoms of flu meningitis Entered 2023.12.07 06:50 Views 2 Entered 2023.12.07 06:50 Modified 2023.12.06 20:41 Views 2 It was reported that a man in his 20s in Peru was infected with an unknown new virus known to … Read more

The Truth About Gray Hair: Myths and Facts About Hair Loss and Hair Follicle Damage

2023-12-06 04:14:08 Pulling out gray hair increases the risk of hair loss due to hair follicle damage. Entered 2023.12.06 13:14 Views 11 Entered 2023.12.06 13:14 Modified 2023.12.06 13:13 Views 11 More important than worrying about increasing gray hairs is that forcibly pulling out hair can damage hair follicles and permanently stop hair growth in that … Read more

Fentanyl and Pregnancy: Risks, Effects, and Long-Term Impact on Infants and Children

2023-11-30 12:12:54 Possibility of new dysmorphic syndrome…long-term effects need to be tracked Entered 2023.11.30 21:10 Views 14 Entered 2023.11.30 21:10 Modified 2023.11.30 16:07 Views 14 Characteristic features of infants with malformations due to exposure to fentanyl during pregnancy reported by researchers at Nemours Children’s Hospital in the United States. [자료=«Genetics in Medicine Open»]Medical staff have … Read more

Protect Your Kidneys: Avoiding Excessive Protein, Alcohol, Smoking, and More

2023-11-22 23:13:46 Excessive protein intake, drinking, smoking, and lack of water are also aggravating factors. Entered 2023.11.23 08:10 Views 3 Entered 2023.11.23 08:10 Modified 2023.11.22 09:46 Views 3 Exercising too much or for too long can damage your kidneys. [사진=클립아트코리아]The kidneys remove waste products and regulate the amount of water and salt in the body. … Read more

Menopausal Symptoms After Fecal Transplant: Absorbing Mother’s Hormones

2023-11-18 08:04:50 Menopausal symptoms after direct transplantation of feces donated by mother… Possibility of absorbing mother’s hormones Entered 2023.11.17 13:30 Views 5,345 Entered 2023.11.17 13:30 Modified 2023.11.17 16:08 Views 5,345 The story of a man who experienced menopausal symptoms with his mother after receiving a ‘self’ transplant of his mother’s feces was introduced. [상단 사진=사연의 … Read more

Pain Threshold Gender Perspective: Impact of Female Medical Staff on Male Patient Pain Perception

2023-11-18 03:44:53 Pain threshold analysis from a gender perspective… “Male patients feel less pain when treated by female medical staff” Entered 2023.11.18 12:44 Views 277 Entered 2023.11.18 12:44 Modified 2023.11.18 12:53 Views 277 Chinese doctor using stethoscope to examine patient An interesting study showed that male patients may actually suffer less if treated by female … Read more