Eating bananas for muscle and bone injuries will make the bones soft?Orthopedic doctor reveals: 4 major nutrients of bananas are beneficial to skeletal muscles |

There is a legend on the Internet: “When your muscles and bones are injured, you should not eat bananas, otherwise it will hurt your muscles and bones.” This saying has been circulating on the Internet for a long time. In the orthopedic clinic, patients often ask: “Is it okay to eat bananas? I heard that … Read more

You should train four muscle groups to burn more calories

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What is “Hitler’s injection” that stops the heart muscle and kills many Egyptians? • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Health explained that Hitler’s injection is a combination of antibiotics with cortisone and vitamins, which is used without medical prescriptions as a quick treatment for colds, indicating that it may lead to a sharp drop in blood circulation, stopping the heart muscle, and then death. The … Read more

“Sleeping for 4 days and waking up every night” thought it was not over yet Chen Yanbo exposed the hardships of the competition | Life | CTWANT

Chen Yanbo has achieved good results in the cross-country competition recently, and he also revealed the hardships of the competition. (Photo/Flipping Chen Yanbo’s Facebook page, the same below) After 10 years, Taiwanese ultramarathon player Chen Yanbo competed again in the 700-kilometer polar crossing in Yukon, Canada. He finished the race in 10 days, 6 hours … Read more