Revealing the Harmful Effects of Electronic Cigarettes: Al-Marsad Newspaper Uncovers the Truth

2023-09-28 19:23:55 Al-Marsad newspaper: A person documented a video clip in which he revealed the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes, indicating that they cause serious diseases. He said during a video clip while he was receiving treatment in a hospital: “An advice from your brother who drinks an electronic cigarette should stop it. These cigarettes … Read more

Title: “Understanding Lung Cancer: Causes, Precautions, Treatment, and Survivor Stories”

2023-09-28 10:00:00 “lung cancer” It is a disease with a very high incidence worldwide. GLOBOCAN data in 2020 shows that there are more than 2.2 million new cases per year and 1.8 million deaths per year, in addition to many lives lost from this disease. lung cancerIt is also one of the diseases that create … Read more

How to Prevent Teenagers from Smoking: Expert Advice

2023-09-21 17:00:00 Fatima Yasser wrote Thursday, September 21, 2023 08:00 PM Smoking It is a common thing. We may find some young people smoking cigarettes and shisha, but when a mother discovers that her teenage son smokes, she feels extremely disappointed and frustrated and wants in every way to find a solution so that she … Read more

Maintaining Intestinal Health: Tips from a Gastroenterology Specialist

2023-09-04 04:00:00 local Writer: Xu Yun Photography: Zhong Hanping Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers in Hong Kong. The large intestine is about 1.5 meters long. It takes about 16 hours for food to be digested in the large intestine. During the process, the water in the food and the remaining absorbable … Read more

Caiguabu Lung: Mistakenly Blaming the Middle-Aged Man with New Crown for Medical Treatment – Illustrated Guide

2023-08-07 02:00:38 Illustrated-Don’t mistakenly blame the middle-aged man with the new crown panting for medical treatment and found that it was “vegetable melon cloth lung” In order to strengthen the awareness of lung health in high-risk groups such as men over 50 years old, smokers, family history of pulmonary fibrosis, high-risk occupations, autoimmune diseases, etc., … Read more

Urgent Call to Quit Smoking: Protect Yourself from Silent Lung Cancer

2023-08-02 16:02:09 Family and Community Medicine Consultant Professor Tawfiq Ahmed Khoja called on smokers through various forms and types of smoking (cigarettes, hookahs, honey, electronic cigarettes) to stop immediately. In order to avoid the most dangerous disease that results in it, which is “lung cancer”, which begins silently and with the passage of time develops … Read more