PPDS Feel More Burnout Than Depression – 2024-04-22 15:03:42

Illustration: workload and education of prospective specialist doctors. (MI/Agus Utantoro) Burnout situations are often experienced by workers from all fields, including those in the health sector, such as doctors, nurses, and participants in specialist medical education programs (PPDS). Burnout is a response to a certain environment or situation resulting in tiredness from activities such as … Read more

Robbie Williams turns 50. He almost didn’t live to see her, he cut his veins with a knife

British musician Robbie Williams (50) became famous in the 90s in the group Take That and later also as a solo singer. He has a number of major hits to his credit and his female fans fell at his feet. Still, he suffered from mental health problems and admitted to trying to take his own … Read more

What to do if depression does not respond to treatment? | Health & Wellness

The composer Héctor Berlioz described in his Memories “the awful feeling of being alone in an empty universe.” In this state, the musician stopped composing, he remained inactive and immobile because he had no other capacity “other than to suffer.” Andrew Solomon says that acute depression is both a destruction (the instinctive functions of life … Read more

Understanding the Genetic and Environmental Factors of Mental Illness in Children: A Review of 211 Studies

2023-12-15 04:20:00 Children of people with mental illnesses have a higher risk of suffering from the same and different disorders. This is due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors that favor the appearance of these ailments and that are more common in some families than in others. Now, a review of 211 studies … Read more

Addressing the Stigma of Mental Illness in Tunisia: Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Society’s Fear

2023-12-11 12:13:43 The latest studies show that about 20 percent of children and adolescents suffer from anxiety disorders, and mental illnesses among adults constitute 98 percent of the reasons for long leave in the government sector. Indicators issued by the World Health Organization also show that the demand for tranquilizer pills in Tunisia has reached … Read more

2023 America’s Health Rankings: State-by-State Analysis and Rankings by United Health Foundation

2023-12-05 12:29:21 United Health Foundation released its 2023 America’s Health Rankings Dec. 5, which analyzes the overall health of the 50 states and this year identifies a record-high and rising prevalence of chronic conditions. For the 2023 rankings, UHF analyzed 87 measures across five categories of health: social and economic factors, physical environment, behaviors, clinical … Read more

The Power of Exercise: Preventing and Treating Postpartum Depression

2023-12-02 08:30:53 1 in 8 suffers from postpartum depression… Prevention and treatment effects through exercise Entered 2023.12.02 17:30 Views 19 Entered 2023.12.02 17:30 Modified 2023.12.02 16:53 Views 19 Research results have shown that exercise is effective in preventing and treating postpartum depression, which can easily occur after giving birth. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]Pregnancy and childbirth are very joyful … Read more

Improving Mental Health Through Diet: Foods to Fight Depression and Boost Mood

2023-12-01 22:00:00 Written by Enas Al-Banna Saturday, December 2, 2023 12:00 AM As winter approaches and the seasons change, many people feel depressed, especially with things including rain and lack of sunshine. According to the “Health Shots” website, we show how diet can improve mental health and what foods can help manage… Depression By improving … Read more