Why does light bend near a large mass? | Scientists respond | Science

The ‘Gravity Probe-B’ probe has measured with maximum precision the effect of planet Earth on the curvature of space-time.NASA The culprit is gravity. Gravity is defined as the attraction generated by any body or object with mass on another object. The more massive a body is, the more gravitational pull it will exert. Although it … Read more

What to do if depression does not respond to treatment? | Health & Wellness

The composer Héctor Berlioz described in his Memories “the awful feeling of being alone in an empty universe.” In this state, the musician stopped composing, he remained inactive and immobile because he had no other capacity “other than to suffer.” Andrew Solomon says that acute depression is both a destruction (the instinctive functions of life … Read more

Artist Ayed Youssef responds to the controversy surrounding the song “Radi” after it topped the trend • Al Marsad newspaper

2023-12-04 02:05:34 Al-Marsad newspaper: The artist Ayed Youssef responded to the controversy surrounding the song “Radi” after it topped the Twitter trend, saying: “All the songs that are released and those that were released do not mean anyone by them.” Youssef added in a video clip: “I never include my personal life at work, as … Read more

Journalist Hussein Al-Ghawi responds to calls for Saudi Arabia to cut off oil from the West and America – Al-Marsad newspaper

2023-11-14 06:08:03 Al-Marsad newspaper: Journalist Hussein Al-Ghawi responded to those demanding that Saudi Arabia cut off oil from the West and America due to the events in Gaza. Al-Ghawi said in a video clip: The country that supplies the most oil to the West and America is “Iraq,” and the country that supplies the most … Read more

Former Al-Ittihad Player’s Revelations: Prince Sultan’s Intervention in Dismissing Saudi National Team Coach in 2000

2023-11-13 04:20:26 Al-Marsad newspaper: Former Al-Ittihad player Mohamed Nour mentioned sports critic Mohamed Al-Deaie that he called Prince Sultan to dismiss Machala from coaching the Saudi national team in 2000. During the discussion on the “Durina Ghair” program, Muhammad Nour said to Al-Daei: You are the one who solved the problem and attacked Prince Sultan. … Read more

Young Man Challenges Cristiano Ronaldo to a Race: Will Al-Nasr Club Sign Him If He Wins?

2023-10-26 22:20:03 Al-Marsad newspaper: A young man sent a letter to the head of the Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, in which he asked to organize a race between him and Al-Nasr player Cristiano Ronaldo, and if he wins, he will join Al-Nasr club as a player. The young man said during a video that Turki … Read more

Gamal Arif Responds to Critics: Al-Ittihad Club’s Participation in Club World Cup

2023-10-19 09:30:40 Al-Marsad Sports: Sports critic Gamal Arif responded to the voices calling for the participation of Al-Hilal or Al-Nasr instead of Al-Ittihad Club in the Club World Cup. Arif criticized, through the “Al-Diwaniyah” program on Saudi sports channels, some media professionals’ hints about the participation of a team other than Al-Ittihad in the Club … Read more

Li Min’s ashes will be buried at the end of October. Second sister responds to doubts about inheritance distribution_Li Silin_Sister_China

2023-10-16 11:50:00 Original title: Li Min’s ashes will be buried at the end of October. Second sister responds to doubts about inheritance distribution According to reports, Coco Lee’s second sister, Li Silin, attended an event in Hong Kong on October 14. In an interview, she stated that Coco Lee’s ashes will be buried at the … Read more