“Simulation Theory”: Scientist proposes a method to find out if we live in a computer program | Technology

Among all the theories about the universe, and how it was possible for life to arise in it, there is one that is perhaps a bit more far-fetched, which proposes that we are actually living in an advanced virtual world. Known as the “simulation theory”in its most basic form – and backed by a branch … Read more

Catch him if you can – Hi-Tech – Kommersant

The return of greenhouse gas emissions to pre-pandemic levels has led to the intensification of projects aimed at capturing and processing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. New projects are designed to combat greenhouse gas emissions in industries that are one of their main producers – in transport and energy. Scientists in the US and Europe … Read more

Scientific study affirms that seals can assimilate the rhythm without previous training | Society

According to the researchers, this trait found in seals appears to be linked to their ability to learn vocalizations. Scientific research has shown that seals can discriminate rhythm without prior training, which appears to be linked to their ability to learn vocalizations. These are abilities that may have co-evolved in both humans and seals, scientists … Read more

Amateur astronomers, help these scientists identify exoplanets

Astronomy enthusiasts will be able to help advance science. Telescope maker Unistellar and the nonprofit SETI Science Institute have launched a campaign to identify exoplanets similar to Jupiter and offer everyone to come and help them, reports the media Space Monday, October 3, 2022. All “citizen” astronomers with a telescope can participate. The idea is … Read more

A gas bubble orbiting the black hole in the “Milky Way” baffles scientists

Astronomers have spotted a unique space event, as they observed a hot bubble of gas spinning clockwise around the black hole at the center of our galaxy at speeds they described as “astounding.” Scientists hope that the discovery of the bubble, which only survived a few hours, will provide insight into how these insatiable devouring … Read more

Doomsday Glacier: why does it worry scientists? – Science – Life

Neither an alien invasion, nor a catastrophic meteorite collision, nor a nuclear war would be responsible for the end of the world as we know it. That title could be awarded to Thwaites Glacier, a colossal chunk of ice the same size as the state of Florida, in the United States, or the entire United … Read more