The best way to make children good

We owe a lot to you, the people dearest to our hearts. And how often, busy with our own affairs, which we consider important, we forget to ask how things are and say that everything is fine with us. The upcoming holiday is a great opportunity to repay your debt to your mother, apologize for … Read more

Beer, cider and wine are proposed to be allowed to be purchased for up to 20 years

Last week, the Sejm postponed consideration of proposals submitted in the second reading to amend the law on the circulation of alcoholic beverages, which currently proposes to stipulate that all alcoholic beverages should be prohibited from being sold to persons under the age of 20. As Andris Berzins, Chairman of the Seimas Commission on Social … Read more

In Latvia it will not be possible to inherit only debts

The limited liability of the heir for the debts of the deceased is provided for by amendments to the civil law and the law on notaries, adopted in March this year by the Seimas, which will come into force next year. The Ministry of Justice admits that until now, for various reasons, heirs often did … Read more

The collection of signatures has begun for a ban on shortening the Latvian anthem

The author of the initiative, Jēkab Taranda, notes that the anthem “God Save Latvia” (Dievs, svētī Latviju) is often performed in an abbreviated version (that is, without repetitions) at public events. Meanwhile, the Law “On the National Anthem of Latvia” states that it must be performed according to the notes specified in the annex to … Read more

H&M Beauty Unveils Diverse Fragrance Collection for Every Personality

’’We all have multifaceted aspects waiting to be revealed, and our new fragrance collection allows that expression,’’ says Mirja Kjellberg, Global Head of private label at H&M Beauty. “Whether you’re feeling bold, romantic, or adventurous, there’s a fragrance to ignite that inner spark and it’s the perfect way to build a fragrance wardrobe.”   The fragrance … Read more

The Ultimate American Road Trip: Explore the USA’s Major Landmarks in One Epic Journey

2023-10-22 07:00:00 Planning vacations in the USA? This card has you covered for a great American road trip this year. Did you know you can now travel with Culture Trip? Book now and join one of our premium small group tours to discover the world like never before.A few years back, a savvy researcher from … Read more

Change the name? Vigilant citizens found the village “Russkaya Sloboda” in Latvia

Having arrived at the indicated point near Rezekne, Bez Tabu journalists saw the name not only in the navigation application, but also a stop sign with the inscription “Krievu Sloboda”. Having met Ruta, who lives on the border of the village, it became clear that only one village is currently inhabited in Krievu Sloboda. Arriving … Read more

Angels for “angels”, or How to sow seeds of goodness

We would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who buys the image of “Angel Latvia” to support children from the Orphanage. We have already raised 1000 euros! Sincerely, “Angel Latvia”! If you want to help, you don’t have to go anywhere. There is a much simpler way: send an SMS with a code … Read more