High-Yield Investments in Super Luxury Goods: Risk and Reward in Dubai

2023-12-09 22:48:18 INVESTIGATION – Buyers from all over the world are investing in it with a view to making incredible gains in a short time, particularly in super luxury goods. An outburst that is not without risk. Special envoy to Dubai With her hand on the wheel of her black Range Rover, Khadija el Otmani … Read more

Declining Promotions in French Shopping Carts: Impact of Food Inflation and Brand Strategies

2023-12-03 16:54:49 Promotions are fewer in French shopping carts, with a share increasing from 15.6% in 2022 to 15.1% in 2023. monticellllo – stock.adobe.com If food inflation exceeds 20% over two years, discounts will decrease in consumers’ shopping carts. Some brands even made more than their competitors. Some examine them in catalogs, others directly in … Read more

The Impact of Inheritance on Divorce: Legal Implications and Rights

2023-12-01 00:25:10 Not long after the death of his father-in-law and mother-in-law, the newlyweds filed for divorce and requested a division of the property inherited by his wife. (Image/Pixabay) A mainland woman surnamed Kang recently inherited a huge inheritance of about 200 million yuan (approximately NT$880 million) from her parents. Unexpectedly, her husband, surnamed Wang, … Read more

France’s Plan to Combat Smoking: Price Increase, Tobacco-Free Spaces and Bans

2023-11-28 09:50:00 By Le Figaro with AFP Published 1 hour ago, Updated 6 minutes ago ” data-script=” > The Minister of Health Aurélien Rousseau presented his plan to combat smoking this Tuesday. In 2025, the price of a packet of cigarettes will increase to €12, and €13 in 2026, announced Tuesday the Minister of Health … Read more

The Heartbreaking Tale of Love Fraud: 80-Year-Old’s Inheritance Story

2023-11-27 10:52:30 57-year-old David Foute is suspected of love fraud and 80-year-old Carolyn Holland lives alone. (Picture/reproduced from Twitter) Love is so blind. Carolyn Holland, an 80-year-old grandmother who lives alone in California, USA, fell in love with David Foute, a 57-year-old handyman, after only a few weeks of meeting him. She even promised Foute … Read more

Unveiling the Difficult Childhood of Stéphane Bern: “Everything is ready but there is no hurry…”

2023-11-26 17:41:00 Stéphane Bern already has his tomb: “Everything is ready but there is no hurry…” But everything hasn’t been easy for the host throughout his life: “That’s what I fought for. You can’t imagine everything we can experience, whether within the family or beyond. I remember one day, I was in a castle for … Read more