“CIMR Celebrates Strong Performance in 2022: Technical Provisions Up 5.6%, Operating Surplus of 4.04 Billion Dirhams”

2023-05-21 12:46:11 Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 audio The CIMR achieved good results in 2022. The operating surplus for the year, allocated to the contingency reserve, amounts to 4.04 billion dirhams. Technical provisions amounted to 77 billion dirhams, showing an increase of 5.6%. The difficult context and its impact on the stock market in 2022 … Read more

“The Latest News and Information on Indication Fin d’Article”

2023-05-14 15:20:26 ********* ** ****** ********** ****** ****** *** ***** **** ****** ** ******* **** ********** ************** ***** ******** ** *************** **** ******** ******* ********** ** *********** ******* ************* ************* ** ****** ** ****** *** ***** **** ******* ******** **** ** ******** ****** **** ********** *** ****** ******* ******************* **** ***** **** ** ***** **** … Read more

VIDEO: Facts about TNI POM Officers Chasing Cars Using Fake Plates Viral Again on Social Media

2023-04-29 13:37:59 Merdeka.com – Circulating a video of a green car like an official car TNI The Army drives on rotators on the highway. Puspom TNI officers gave chase to stop the car. After checking it turned out that the service plate used was fake. The driver with the initials K is a private employee. … Read more

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s Heartwarming Moment with Al-Raed Coach: Watch the Video and Read the Story on Al-Marsad Newspaper”

2023-04-29 02:59:51 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Documented a video clip, Major Marios Somodica’s coach asked Al-Nassr Portuguese professional Cristiano Ronaldo for his T-shirt. And the video was monitored, Ronaldo turned to him and smiled, then took off his T-shirt and gave it to the coach of Al-Raed. The video also showed Cristiano embracing Somodica in a snapshot … Read more

“Water Leak Causes Road Closure in Rue Saint-Nicolas: Updates and Diversions”

2023-04-16 06:03:14 The leak occurred near number 74 rue Saint-Nicolas. The road is closed in both directions of traffic, between numbers 70 and 78. Diversions have been put in place. The water supply is interrupted for the buildings located on the even side of the street, from numbers 2 to 104. A team from the … Read more

Al-Sadr directs not to travel eight members of his office

On Wednesday, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, directed that eight members of his private office should not travel. The movement’s media said in a statement, “His Eminence told the administrative official in Hanana, Mustafa al-Yaqoubi, to inform the members whose names are listed below, Sheikh Mahmoud al-Jayashi, Sayyid Haider al-Jabri, Sayyid Aoun … Read more