Residents of Riga can queue for the wheelchair lift

This can make things easier for people with disabilities and their loved ones. After all, until now, in order to get a lift, you had to submit a written application to the Riga Social Service. Now all necessary documents can be submitted electronically. However, those residents of Riga who find it more convenient to do … Read more

‘I wasted all my property by fraud’ Kim Jong-min, “I was scammed by the manager recently”

2023-07-23 08:37:11 Reporter Koo Min-min, Money Today | 2023.07.23 17:37 /Photo = KBS 2TV ‘The boss’s ears are donkey ears’ broadcast screen capture Kim Jong-min recently confessed to the story of being scammed by his manager. On the afternoon of the 23rd, KBS 2TV’s ‘The boss’s ears are donkey ears’, Kim Jong-min confessed his experience … Read more

Kim Jong-min “I was scammed by the manager again recently, the closest people…”

2023-07-22 02:58:51 Reporter Ha Su-min of Money Today | 2023.07.22 11:58 /Photo courtesy = KBS 2TV CEO Kim Jong-min, who has donkey ears, recently revealed that he had been scammed by his manager. In the KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘The boss’s ears are donkey ears’ (Sadangwi), which will be broadcast on the 23rd, Kim Jong-min, … Read more

Tragic Shooting at Baltimore Party Leaves 2 Dead and 28 Injured: Latest Updates and Investigation

2023-07-02 15:30:55 Washington.- A shooting during a party in the city of Baltimore (Maryland, USA) left 2 dead and 28 injured in the early hours of this Sunday, of which 3 are in a critical situation, reported the acting chief of Police Local, Richard Worley. The shooting occurred during a popular party that had brought … Read more

Cheddy García Criticizes Influencer Alofoke for Mentioning Daughter Chelsy Bautista: A Closer Look

2023-06-29 22:40:59 The Dominican actress and comedian Cheddy García criticized the influencer Santiago Matías (Alofoke), for having mentioned his daughter Chelsy Bautista. According to Alofoke Everything arose as a result of a publication made via Twitter, in which the influencer expressed: What is Chelsy going to sing today at the United Palace? Santiago Matias (Alofoke) … Read more

Russian singer Slava accused Sobchak of cowardice and did not keep obscene words addressed to her

2023-06-03 19:03:27 The famous Russian singer Slava completely gave free rein to her own emotions, speaking harshly about the artists who left the Russian Federation after the start of the NWO, betrayed their homeland, and did not give a damn about the graves of their ancestors. According to the well-known domestic vocalist, they absolutely cannot … Read more

Flu hits US states where hundreds of thousands of Dominicans reside — El Nacional

NEW YORK.- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States maintains that the best way to combat influenza influenza is to get vaccinated. He pointed out that the main states in the USA where the flu is highest are Idaho, New York, Nebraska, New Mexico, Maine and Washington, places where hundreds … Read more

UN High Commissioner: over 1.3 thousand journalists have been killed in the world over the past 10 years

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk said during the World Economic Forum in Davos that more than 1,300 journalists have been killed in the world over the past ten years. “The safety of journalists has become a particular concern. In the last ten years, I believe more than 1,300 journalists have been killed, … Read more