Why are Covid-19 cases increasing in Barranquilla?

Given the concern that the number of daily cases of Covid-19 reported by the National Institute of Health, the mayor Jaime Pumarejo, in the company … Read more

Superservices fines Triple A company with $ 6,500 million

A fine of $ 6.5 billion imposed the Superintendency of Public Services Domiciliary to the Aqueduct and Sewerage and Cleaning Company of Barranquilla (Triple A) … Read more

Minister of State Bär calls for baby break for managers too

Berlin The Minister of State for Digitization in the Federal Chancellery, Dorothee Bär (CSU), calls for managers of stock corporations to be able to go … Read more

Changes in the board of directors of the company Triple A

The Aqueduct, Sewerage and Cleaning Society of Barranquilla, Triple A, has a new board of directors. The selection of new members was made this Friday … Read more

Economy + Association Sanctions Law: Justice Minister Lambrecht punishes shareholders

480 BC A storm destroys the ship bridge over the Hellespont, on which the Persian king Xerxes wants his army to march into Greece. The … Read more

They authorize recruitment of volunteers for the vaccine

On September 21, the volunteer recruitment process begins, in Barranquilla and other cities in the country, for the third phase of the clinical study of … Read more