Nutritionist answers • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The nutritionist at Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital, Shorouk, Basinbel, answered a question about whether excessive consumption of dates by diabetics makes them completely equal to manufactured sugar. And she said during an interview with the “Sabah Al-Saudi” program: “The exaggeration of a diabetic in everything is incorrect, and the meals he eats … Read more

A psychiatrist reveals an “unexpected” cause of skin diseases. This is why vitiligo has spread among teenagers

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Nouf Sultan, a psychiatrist, said that most skin diseases are caused by emotional or mood, except for acne. And she added in an interview on the “Saudi” channel: “When I am stressed psychologically, anxiety wants to express itself, so in the recent period, vitiligo has spread among adolescents and eczema also, even in … Read more

Valladolid debates the latest developments in diabetes, obesity and nutrition

More than 285 internists will meet this coming Thursday and Friday, January 26 and 27, in Valladolid at the XVII Meeting of the Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition Group of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI), where the main diagnostic and therapeutic novelties in these … More than 285 internists will meet this coming Thursday … Read more

The first comment from a “nutritionist” regarding a circulating tweet about the benefits of chewing a grain of cardamom • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Amal Kenana, a clinical nutritionist, commented on Dr. Mohsen Nadi’s tweet about the benefits of cardamom. Kenana said during an interview with the “My Lady” program, which is broadcast on the Gulf Rotana channel: “Cardamom is considered a category of ginger, and it is used due to its benefits to the digestive … Read more

15% of adults suffer from mental disorders

The clinical psychologist, Dr. Abdullah Al-Waili that Psychological health A very important major factor for the quality of social life, including creating a practical and effective environment. Al-Waili pointed out that there are organizational standards, policies, and procedures that help effectively prevent the effects of the job environment on mental health, by strengthening and strengthening … Read more

A “specialist” reveals a nutritional supplement that protects you from the risk of blood clots as you age

Al-Marsad newspaper: Purolabs nutritionist Stephanie Baker has revealed ways to reduce the risk of blood clots, which travel to vital organs and may lead to medical emergencies such as strokes and pulmonary embolism. Stephanie said in her statements to “Express”, that coenzyme Q10, which is used as an effective way to prevent clotting, is produced … Read more