“Get Ready for the Exciting China Motorboat League Chongqing Pengshui Grand Prix in May 2021!”

2023-04-25 02:45:00 Original title: China Motorboat League Chongqing Pengshui Grand Prix will be held in May Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 24th. The reporter learned from a press conference held in Beijing on the 24th that the 12th “Chiyou Jiuli Cup” China Motorboat League Chongqing Pengshui Grand Prix and 2023 Green Water and Green Mountains … Read more

“Indonesian Man Rides 80km Home for Holidays, Discovers Wife Missing: The Heartwarming Reunion”

2023-04-21 10:51:08 An Indonesian man took his wife and children back home for the holidays. After riding 80 kilometers, he discovered that his wife was not in the car. (Picture / Recap from kompas) A 37-year-old man in Indonesia, Arif Romadon, took his wife and children on a motorcycle and was about to return to … Read more

Horror scythe!Many Children in Guangdong Hacked to Death and Injured Official Media Silenced (Video) | Sickle | Guangdong | Puning | Children | Hacked to Death |

[Voice of Hope April 9, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Fu Ming) At noon on April 9, a man in Puning, Guangdong hacked several children with a cheap knife, and it is reported that at least one child died. Later, the suspect stabbed someone with a sickle again at an intersection, grabbed a motorcycle and … Read more

Yamaha presents motorcycle that prevents motorcyclists from falling at low speed

Yamaha unveiled a motorcycle prototype that allows the vehicle not to fall even at extremely low speeds. The technology developed by the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer should help reduce the number of motorcycle accidents. Called the Advanced Motorcycle Stabilization Assist System (AMSAS), the system can be implemented on already launched motorcycles without modifying the frame or … Read more

The elderly individual caused a motorcycle accident and has been ordered to pay over 16,000 yuan in damages, with the court upholding the plaintiff’s request for execution within 10 days.

An old man pushed Mr. Chen’s motorcycle on purpose, causing over 16,000 yuan in damages. The case was initially treated as a criminal case, but it was postponed due to the death of the old man. Later, Mr. Chen sued the old man’s heir, Mr. Zhu, in a civil lawsuit to claim compensation from the … Read more

Gogoro lowered the price of 6 models “up to 7180 yuan”! New true color black + engraving service launched | ETtodayET Cheyun News | ETtodayAMP

▲Gogoro launched a new Delight black model, and simultaneously lowered the recommended price of its 6 models. (Picture / flip from Gogoro) Reporter Zhang Qinghui / comprehensive report Following the “upgrade and price reduction” of Premium models, Gogoro announced today (1) that the prices of its 6 models will be strategically lowered. From Delight, which … Read more