IDEAL: Exploring the World of Internal Medicine at San Cecilio Clinical University Hospital

2023-09-17 22:00:53 The legendary Dr. House comes to mind for some. Others believe that they are those who attend hospital emergencies. And there are those who hear that term for the first time when they are referred to that service. “And what is that?” they ask. They are the professionals of Internal Medicine, the “trunk … Read more

Breakthrough Immunotherapy Drugs Show Promising Results, Revolutionizing Leukemia Treatment

2023-08-14 07:00:00 Dr Emma Searle, a consultant hematologist at Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, has revealed that a batch of new, yet-to-be-named, clinically-tried immunotherapy drugs has shown that some patients, such as those with multiple myeloma, are seeing a decrease in blood pressure. Their cancer rates are at undetectable levels. She said: “The results … Read more

Health issues a new clarification regarding Kempesh’s death

2023-04-20 22:50:30 The ministry said in a statement, “Furthermore to the joint statement issued by the Ministries of Health and Interior regarding the death of Saad Kambesh, the Ministry of Health states that the preliminary forensic medicine report usually refers to the apparent examination of the initial observations, and then is followed by an autopsy … Read more

The world’s first tuberculosis vaccine stored for 3 months at room temperature…”First clinical trial success” : Dong-A Science

Scanning electron micrograph of the bacterium MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS that causes tuberculosis. Courtesy of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The results of phase 1 clinical trials of the world’s first room temperature tuberculosis vaccine have been released. It has been shown to induce the production of high levels of antibodies and even … Read more

The Clinician tests a drug capable of attenuating neuronal damage after a stroke

It is hard work and still pending new phases but more than promising. A new treatment, ApTOLL from the Madrid biopharmaceutical company Apta Targets, manages to reduce mortality and sequelae in patients who have suffered an ischemic stroke, the most frequent (85% are), which is usually caused by a significant decrease in blood flow that … Read more

Nuclear Medicine at the Málaga Clinic improves diagnostic accuracy with new equipment

The university hospital complex Virgin of the Victory of Malagathrough its service Nuclear medicineyou just put a new piece of equipment into operation SPECT/TC that allows to increase the quality and diagnostic precision in studies related to the cancer, heart and the brain. In this sense, the new equipment from which the first patients are … Read more