The School Year Calendar 2023-2024: Important Dates and Holidays in Wallonia-Brussels Federation

2023-09-02 06:18:25 Published on Monday, August 21, 2023 at 08:56 This is therefore the second time that the start of the new school year has been set for the end of August, following in this the reform of school timetables decided by the Government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and implemented by the Minister for Education, … Read more

Breakthrough Immunotherapy Drugs Show Promising Results, Revolutionizing Leukemia Treatment

2023-08-14 07:00:00 Dr Emma Searle, a consultant hematologist at Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, has revealed that a batch of new, yet-to-be-named, clinically-tried immunotherapy drugs has shown that some patients, such as those with multiple myeloma, are seeing a decrease in blood pressure. Their cancer rates are at undetectable levels. She said: “The results … Read more

Madonna’s Manager Reveals Serious Bacterial Infection and Tour Cancellation

2023-06-29 21:13:34 Guy Oseary, the manager of the American pop singer, Madonna, announced that she had a “serious” bacterial infection. Osiri said, in a statement posted on his Instagram account, that the 64-year-old star spent several days in intensive care and is still under medical supervision, stressing that her health condition is improving. He pointed … Read more

Touching Story: Adel Aidan’s Daughter Inspires with Her Emotional Message of Strength and Gratitude

2023-06-21 12:45:09 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The “Sabah Al-Arabiya” team surprised the announcer, Adel Aidan, by publishing a photo report of him with his daughter, who has cancer. The broadcaster, Al-Aidan, cried on the air the moment he heard his daughter’s words in the report, as she said: “Thank you for the strongest father in the world. … Read more

A deadly virus is spreading in Africa; there is no vaccine or cure

The deadly Marburg virus is spreading in Kagera, in northwestern Tanzania. The mortality rate for patients infected with the virus is up to 88 percent. Tanzanian authorities announced on Tuesday that cases of the rare but deadly Marburg virus had been detected in the Kagera region in the country’s northeast. The spread of the virus … Read more

Measles rage in Graz

On Friday it became known that a pair of siblings had been infected with measles and are now being treated in a Graz hospital. Concerns quickly arose that other children could be infected. So far five cases are known. Four of the five children, all between four and eight years old, are in the clinic’s … Read more

【Interview】Professor from Canadian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine talks about the trend of the epidemic in China | Epidemic | Ch1.1 | Population flow

[The Epoch Times, January 31, 2023](Epoch Times reporters Xia Song and Luo Ya interviewed and reported) ChinaepidemicIs it entering a low epidemic level as the CCP claims? Dr. Liu, professor of Canadian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and director of Kangmei Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, told The Epoch Times,Migrationandthe countrysideThe epidemic cannot be taken lightly. … Read more