A sign that appears in the nails and fingers of the hand indicates infection with this dangerous disease

Cancer Research UK has linked pain and swelling in the joints, known as hypertrophic pulmonary arthropathy (HPOA), to people with non-small cell lung cancer, which accounts for nearly 80% of lung cancers. According to the British newspaper “express”, the Cancer Research Foundation said: “Hypertrophic arthropathy is a group of symptoms that can affect the organs, … Read more

Detecting a sign that appears in the foot indicates that you have this dangerous disease! • Observatory Newspaper

One of the most common symptoms of kidney disease is swollen feet. Foot swelling may occur due to several reasons, including the presence of too much fluid in the tissues or the presence of an advanced renal disorder, or malfunctioning of the kidneys, according to the “timesnownews” and “Times of India” websites. Research has indicated … Read more

It didn’t rain and rocks fell in Nanheng. Local residents revealed that “it was all caused by them” – Life – Zhongshi News

Residents of Taoyuan District said that wild goats, wild qiang and wild deer often walk on the mountain on the section from Meishankou to Tianchi on the Nanheng Highway, and sporadic rockfall occurs almost every day on the mountain. (Reprinted by Lin Yahui/provided by residents) The people were shocked! It didn’t rain and rocks fell … Read more

After her health crisis, the famous artist appears with a crutch in the Syndicate of Acting Professions elections (video)

Actress Esaad Younes was keen to participate in the Representative Professions Syndicate elections, as she appeared in the elections while leaning on a crutch. She had a health problem at the end of last January, which necessitated her transfer to the hospital, where she underwent surgery, consisting of a total change of the right pelvic … Read more

Nadine Al-Rassi disappeared in Damascus and suffers from problems… and leaked videos show her collapse

The Bell reported that actress Nadine Al-Rassi went to Syria about a month ago to film her scenes in the series “The Voice” starring Youssef Milad and produced by Asayel. The “bell” indicated that Nadine suffers from major problems in filming, and the magazine tried to contact her to find out what is going on … Read more

Why do UFOs not appear on the Arabs?..and the latter answers and reveals a surprise – Video • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The researcher in metaphysics, Abd al-Rahman al-Zuhaifi, commented on a related question, in which she said, “Why do UFOs not appear on Arabs?” Al-Zuhaifi said, in a video clip that he posted on his account with the “Tik Tok” application: More than one person said that he saw flying saucers in Dammam and … Read more