Hundreds of American banks are already insolvent

American economist Nouriel Roubini, known for his prediction of the 2008-2009 crisis, said that the situation is developing in such a way that a banking collapse is inevitable. Most US banks today are technically close to breaking the bank, Roubini said. American economist: And hundreds of American banks are already insolvent. According to him, there … Read more

A deadly virus is spreading in Africa; there is no vaccine or cure

The deadly Marburg virus is spreading in Kagera, in northwestern Tanzania. The mortality rate for patients infected with the virus is up to 88 percent. Tanzanian authorities announced on Tuesday that cases of the rare but deadly Marburg virus had been detected in the Kagera region in the country’s northeast. The spread of the virus … Read more

Chinese authorities decide to ensure GDP growth by 5 percent

In China, delegates to the session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) on Monday, March 13, approved the government’s plans to increase the country’s GDP by five percent and increase defense spending. DW reports. As tensions with the US rise, China’s military spending will be increased by 7.2 percent, more than overall spending. At the … Read more

Preliminary final result of the Carinthian state election 2023 – Carinthian state election

5.03.2023 20:56 (Akt. 5.03.2023 21:41) The provisional final result of the Carinthian state elections has been determined. © APA/BARBARA GINDL The provisional final result of the Carinthian state election 2023 has been determined. The SPÖ was able to defend first place with almost 39 percent, followed by the FPÖ with 24.55 percent and the ÖVP … Read more

Giant Eli Lilly cuts the price of insulin by 70 percent

The giant American pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly, announced last Wednesday that it will reduce the price of its most common types of insulin by 70%, after years of adopting high prices that negatively affected millions of Americans with diabetes. This announcement comes after recording a rise in insulin prices in the past years, while also … Read more