Breast Cancer Awareness in Saudi Arabia: Expert Insights from Dr. Louay Saleh Al-Bin Saad

2023-12-04 04:57:08 Al-Marsad newspaper: Consultant general surgeon, Dr. Louay Saleh Al-Bin Saad, revealed that the percentage of women suffering from breast cancer in the Kingdom is 31%. He explained that 99% of women who went for early examination had a normal result, noting that 55% of those detected in the Kingdom are late cases. Louay … Read more

Eating Fruits and Vegetables to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer – Insights from Dr. Muhammad Al-Ahmadi

2023-11-25 11:14:20 Al-Marsad newspaper: Professor of Physical Effort Physiology, Dr. Muhammad Al-Ahmadi, said that eating vegetables and fruits in large portions for girls reduces the incidence of breast cancer. Al-Ahmadi added, during his appearance on the Saudi TV channel: “Whoever eats 3 portions compared to only half a portion, her risk of developing breast cancer … Read more

New Study Reveals Link Between Ultra-Processed Foods and Mouth & Throat Cancer: Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-11-24 09:17:02 Al-Marsad newspaper: A new study revealed that eating a lot of ultra-processed foods can lead to mouth and throat cancer. According to the “Express” website. The British Heart Foundation lists four foods, usually eaten at breakfast, as ultra-processed: -Sausage. – Breakfast cereal. – Bread produced in large quantities. – Fruit flavored yogurt. The … Read more

Cancer Prevention and Early Detection: Insights from Dr. Adam Batayneh, Oncology Specialist

2023-11-21 19:00:40 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Adam Batayneh, a physician specializing in internal diseases and oncology and interested in diseases of aging, revealed that cancer can be avoided by 99% with a very simple procedure, which is early detection. He said during an interview with the “Fanjan Podcast” program: “The biggest factor causing or linked to … Read more

The Deadly Meal: Expert Reveals the Dangers of a Common Diet

2023-11-21 09:20:36 Al-Marsad newspaper: The expert in therapeutic nutrition, Dr. Bassam Abu Bakr, revealed a deadly meal. Dr. Bassam said in the video that this meal was called fatal because it kills the brain and memory, increases the risk of strokes, affects memorization and interaction, kills the heart, causes heart attacks and clots, raises bad … Read more

The Impact of Western and Poor Diets on Cancer Development: Insights from Russian Nutrition Expert, Dr. Alexei Kabanov

2023-11-10 09:18:38 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Alexei Kabanov, a Russian nutrition expert, revealed wrong eating habits that can accelerate the development of cancer. He said: “We can distinguish between two types of nutrition that increase the risk of cancer: the “Western diet” and the “diet of the poor.” He explained that the “Western diet” is characterized … Read more

Surviving Stage 4 Breast Cancer Against All Odds: Lindsay’s Inspiring Journey

2023-10-10 07:19:00 Young Lindsay Barr Grenton was not expecting to hear this news. She was expecting her second child a few weeks later when she faced a diagnosis that turned her life upside down. She had to face a malignant stage 4 disease growing inside her just as her second child was growing. At 36 … Read more

Early Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer: Insights from Dr. Katie Kasrae and Cancer Research UK

2023-09-26 07:37:07 Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Katie Kasrae, a general practitioner at the London General Clinic, revealed four “signs” of stomach cancer. Signs can appear in the very early stages of stomach cancer. Include: – Early satiety/fullness. – Unexplained weight loss. – Tired. – Constant heartburn. Other symptoms of stomach cancer For its part, Cancer Research … Read more