High temperatures in Mexico highlight energy shortages in the country

France 24 Mexico City.-Mexico faces its second heat wave of 2024, expecting temperatures above 40 degrees in 23 of the country’s 32 states this Thursday, May 9. High temperatures have increased demand for electricity and massive blackouts were recorded on Tuesday: in almost half of the states in the country. A situation that led the … Read more

Are you 70 years old? This is how you can lose your retirement savings due to the Afores reform – Publimetro México

The remodeling at outsidewhich proposed Morena in it Congressimplies two risks serious illnesses that can cause millions of older adults lose their retirement and housing savings, which they accumulated throughout their lifewarned the IMCO. He Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) explained that the reform proposes taking the saving for him withdrawal of the workers that … Read more

Risks for businesses and banks from geopolitical tensions – 2024-04-26 16:57:34

The Bank of Greece, in its latest report on financial stability, expresses concerns about possible effects on the Greek economy, both from the sharpening of geopolitical tensions and from the escalation of the US-China trade war. THE Bank of Greece points out that any sharp deterioration in international financial conditions may cause turbulence with adverse … Read more

Insurance companies will take selfies of clients to detect diseases with the help of AI

Las insurers will request their customers take one selfie –or self-portrait with up telephone cell phone or mobile device–, to detect diseases through the Artificial intelligence (IA) and digital recognition systems. The general director of the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), Norma Alicia Rosas, reported that this system aims to analyze the physiology of … Read more

Video | Risks of breaking a space record: ‘trips to the future’, losing muscle mass and even erection problems | Science

A few days ago, Russian Oleg Kononenko became the human who has spent the most time in space. He has now spent 878 days, almost two and a half years, accumulated during five missions to the International Space Station, and is still in orbit. He went up in September of last year and will not … Read more

Understanding the Ketogenic Diet: Risks, Benefits, and Health Effects

2023-12-18 20:45:36 One of the biggest concerns of many people is eating a healthy diet, because as various health experts point out, when it is inappropriate it can contribute to the development of different diseases. One of the diets that has attracted a lot of attention lately is the ketogenic diet, which is related to … Read more

Celebrating Caregivers: The Importance and Impact on Health and Society

2023-11-29 22:03:15 A caregiver is the person who accompanies and provides support to those who, whether due to illness, disability or advanced age, cannot carry out their daily tasks or carry out their health treatments independently. The role of the caregiver has a great impact on the health system, since, according toA study published earlier … Read more

Healthy Aging: Tips for Exercise, Nutrition, and Disease Prevention

2023-11-21 15:13:56 The World Health Organization (WHO) records that “in 2030, one in six people in the world will be 60 years old or older.” Likewise, with advancing age, the appearance of diseases and conditions becomes more likely, which have a greater impact. Experts recommend that to avoid future problems, care measures must be taken … Read more