Price of the basic basket soars 45% in this six-year term

He precio from basic basket of foods It is increasingly more expensive and already reports a cumulative increase of more than 45% during this period. sexenniumrevealed the National Council for the Evaluation of the Policy of Development Social (Coneval). He reported that in December 2018, just at the beginning of the current six-year period, the … Read more

Ontinyent City Council’s Budget Boost for Social Welfare, Mental Health, and Majors Actius in 2024

2023-12-18 17:53:54 Ontinyent reinforces the budget for social welfare, mental health and Majors Actius The Ontinyent City Council is going to reinforce in the 2024 municipal budget its commitment to social well-being, mental health and the Majors Actius program. A bet that for next year reaches 7.4 million euros, and that represents 14.05% of the … Read more

Emotional Well-Being Guide for Educational Centers: Implementing the Lomloe Reforms

2023-12-16 06:30:39 The emotional and psychological well-being of students becomes more important in the classrooms from this course, where teachers will begin to deploy the psychosocial well-being care guide prepared by specialists from the University of Murcia and the Ministry of Education. The publication will guide professors, teachers, students and families so that each center … Read more

Free High School Tuition and School Lunches – Komeito Party News Update

2023-12-14 00:26:50 Komeito Top / News / p329805 December 13, 2023 High school tuition fees temporarily no longer payable School lunch expenses: 1/2 divided by ward/municipality Proposal by Councilor Matsuba in response to a question from a representative of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Councilor Matsuba asks a question = 12th Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly At the … Read more

Dakota Johnson’s Wellness Routines: Sleep, Emotional Discomfort, and Feel-Good Tips for Hollywood Stars

2023-12-14 12:21:24 Dakota Johnson has confessed some of the wellness routines that he practices daily to feel good and face the challenges of each day. In fact, the Texas-born actress acknowledges in an interview in The Wall Street Journal that her sleep routines and practices to calm the emotional discomfort and the stress They are … Read more