Worldcoin will take “legal measures” against Data Protection for prohibiting it from scanning irises | Technology

Worldcoin, the cryptocurrency project that since July last year has collected images of the irises of some 400,000 Spaniards, will take legal action, it claims, against the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD). This body has prohibited Worldcoin from continuing to collect biometric data from its users for the next three months and has required it … Read more

Intensified Pressure: New Measures to Combat Smoking and Achieve a Tobacco-Free Generation

2023-10-24 11:10:42 Intensified pressure According to the Cancer Foundation, 24% of the population of our country smokes, including 19% daily (at a rate of approximately 14 cigarettes per day – 2022 figures). Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health. Here too, the figures are clear. In our country, smoking is the leading preventable … Read more

Bactrocera Dorsalis: The Threat to Fruit Production and How to Take Action

2023-08-25 09:45:00 If you are told “Bactrocera dorsalis”, you will probably answer “WHAT? “. However, this Friday, the FASFC wants to draw the attention of Belgians to this species of the family and the size of flies. This is also one of its other names: “Oriental fruit fly” or “Asian fruit fly”. of videos “Originally … Read more

LH Mikl-Leitner presents three measures for the further expansion of wine tourism in the Weinviertel

2023-08-09 16:16:24 More beds by using the cellar lanes, investing in cycle tourism, developing new events St.Pölten (OTS) – A press conference on the subject of “Weinviertel Wine Experience” took place today, Wednesday, at the traditional Hindler winery in Schrattenthal. Also on the podium: Provincial Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Managing Director of Lower Austria archyde news … Read more

Putin’s Order to Integrate Drones into Russian Airspace: Latest Updates and Developments

2023-06-14 07:35:43 Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to take measures to integrate drones into the country’s single airspace, should from the list published on the Kremlin website. It was approved by the head of state following the events on the development of unmanned aerial systems, which took place on April 27. “In order … Read more

Local Authorities of Knokke Introduce New Measures that Spark Controversy: Criticized as “Communist”

Knokke, the coastal city, is determined to maintain its status as the most stylish city in Belgium, two years after the death of Leopold Lippens. The local authorities have implemented new measures aimed at improving the aesthetics of the city. The ban on walking bare-chested in the streets and listening to music on the beaches … Read more

“People are Talking About the New Measures Taken by Local Authorities in Knokke, Labelled as Communism”

Knokke, known for being the most fashionable city in the country, is making efforts to maintain its aesthetics two years after the passing of Leopold Lippens. New rules have been implemented by the local authorities, including a ban on displaying “V”-shaped real estate signs on ground floors of properties for sale or rent. Only flat … Read more