“Something a little more explicit…” (photos)

We told you this Monday morning: unwittingly, a Briton ate a 113,000 euro crisp. Indeed, the Walkers brand recently launched a competition on social media, indicating that anyone who finds a fried potato slice in the shape of a heart could win £100,000. Read also Unwittingly, she eats a 113,000 euro crisp: “It could have … Read more

Bought 5,300 yuan New Year’s goods “waited 32 days and still haven’t received it” He called the courier company dumbfounded: asked me to wait patiently | International | CTWANT

A man in Heilongjiang, mainland China, bought 7 boxes of pastries before the Chinese New Year and wanted to send them back to his hometown to relatives. Unexpectedly, it had been 32 days and he hadn’t received the items yet, which made him quite dumbfounded. (Picture/Review of Comprehensive Casting Network) A man in Heilongjiang, mainland … Read more

The six occupants of a car flee after a chase with the police … then one of them returns to the vehicle to retrieve a packet of fries

This Saturday evening, a vehicle hit a truck that was parked along a road in Antwerp following a chase with the police. The driver had fled after refusing to stop during a check. Immediately after the crash, the man who was driving tried to shake off the police on foot. He was wearing an electronic … Read more

Is smoking a cigarette a day really less risky than a whole pack?

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 7:30 PM … 1 We tend to think that health risks are proportional to the number of cigarettes smoked. Bad calculation, for addictologists. © Illustrative photo: Ouest-France archives “A cigarette from time to time, it does not hurt…” A sentence that reassures those who say they are not addicted to tobacco. … Read more

Abandoned construction site dug up a blanket wrapped in a skeleton is actually a missing 10-year female college student | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

A construction site in New York, USA, found a body with only bones left. After identification, it turned out to be a 19-year-old female college student who had been missing for 10 years. A construction site in New York, USA, found a body with only bones left. After identification, it turned out to be a … Read more

Minecraft’s Steve and Alex amiibo will be released in a back-to-school double pack – Nintendo Switch

Following the various incidents that have occurred on the international scene this year, many exits from various sectors have been forced to be postponed. Among them was the release of the amiibo of Steve and Alex from the license Minecraft for collecting Super Smash Bros.. Nintendo made a press release this Friday to announce that … Read more